Wednesday, 3 August 2005

Doing it for me!

Ok I went for my weigh in today!

I wanted to get to my 10% today which would have been to 15.3 kilos. But I only managed 14.7 kilos so I have 700grams to go and I BETTER get it next week.

It was an interesting night at Weight Watchers tonight they were talking about holidays and how people go on holiday and come back actually loosing weight. We sometimes forget that on holiday we actually move more with walking and shopping and exploring things.

I was so unhappy about only loosing only 800grams and my leader came and talked to me. I do realise that I lost and a loss is a loss. I do realise it but I feel sometimes I try so much harder than some of the girls there and do my exercise and track and I still only loose 800grams...just feels like injustice.

I am feeling better that is for sure. I am loosing and not gaining and that is the main thing. A lady came in to the weight watchers meeting today that hasn't been there since February and she came over and said to me I am looking fantastic and she can see the difference. OMG that made me feel so good as I know I have been loosing but hadn't really had anyone that hardly knows me come and tell me that.

Went to the gym today and enjoyed the work out. I am getting in to a routine and rhythm(omg that word doesn't look right to me). I used to fear going to the gym by myself and would never go unless I had someone with me. I have finally come to the realisation that I need to go for me and I can do it. If I get bored with the routine then all I need to do is get my trainer to find another program for me to keep me interested.

I have managed in the last week to do my program and still talk to people there and I still see Kris there (and like it when she is there)but I am doing it for me for a change. I am not worrying about anyone else and what they do or if I am doing the same. I am finally doing it for me he he he for me.

Goodnight from me as I have a 7.30am start tomorrow.


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