Friday, 2 September 2005


I was quite bored today at work and a little bored with the food I have been eating lately. I think I have gotten out of the habit of eating right since being sick so I have to sort myself out and get back on track. I am feeling it in my clothes today.... I tried on a top that I haven't tried on since the weather got colder and it is looser on me.

I am going quietly insane without having email at work lately. It is driving me insane that I cannot communicate with my friends.... and I know that I shouldn't be doing it in work time but I always got my work done even with having email.... and feeling a little bit shut off from the world.

Thank you everyone for such great comments on my diary they have certainly made me think! I have been thinking about what my next goal is. So here is what I am thinking

  1. 20 kilo mark (133.7 kilos)
    (End of Sept 05) - Glossy Lipstick as reward
  2. 25.2 is the 5 kilo mark and 4th stone (128.5)
    (Start of Dec 05) - Some feminine shoes
  3. 30 kilo (123.7)
    (Start of Feb 06) - Good sunglasses
  4. 31.5 kilo 5th Stone (122.2)
    (Feb 14th 06) - New Sexy top
  5. 35 kilo (118.7)
    (April 06) - Nice necklace (or a couple beaded ones)

So they are my first 5 goals and I am going to try and get to them. I am being realistic and only wanting to loose 500 grams a week because I have found that previously when trying to loose weight I lost too much too quickly and put it back on again.

I have to try and get my mojo back again he he he as I have been craving chocolates lately and I am not usually a sweet tooth person I used to want cheese more than anything and in the last two days I have had 4 mini chocolates and feel so mad at myself. (Those little tiny chocolates) and it isn't good. I have been for my walk and have been drinking more water but I haven't been doing as much exercise as I should. Monday and I am getting back to it that is for sure.

Plus tomorrow we are going to the Auckland Zoo with the boys so that should be really interesting. I can't wait... the walking alone will be good for me let alone getting out with the kids and I haven't been to the Auckland Zoo since I was a child living in Auckland.

Anyway I have to go and get some shut eye so I will be good for tomorrow... byeeeeeee

Might put some pictures of our day on here tomorrow he he he. Love the fact that I can put photos on here.




Me said...

Good for you on setting those goals for yourself - 500g a week is totally realistic and do-able. I used to be really upset if I didn't lose 1kg a week and it was totally unrealistic - once I changed the goal posts, I certainly dealt with my losses better.
Hope you have a blast at the zoo - Al and K went there when we were in Auckland on holiday to see a kiwi and they were busy re-doing the enclosure and all they had were some stuffed ones !!! NEedless to say they were both really disappointed as I had told them to wait until we were there and then see them - we left from Auckland to come home so they didn't have another opportunity and I have never been able to forget it !!!
Why are you waiting for Monday to start your exercising again - why don't you start on Sunday as I am sure you will have heaps of walking tomorrow.
Take care and have a great weekend !

The Libran said...

Your goals are great...its so nice to reward yourself....I have been...bought some new clothes and feel great expecially not having to go to the plus size side of the fun at the zoo and have a great weekend for the rest of it...
Cheers Lynne

Queen said...

Here's hoping you have a wonderful day at the Zoo! Please post!! Also -- best of luck with your goals and rewards. You DESERVE them:)

Emily said...

Your goals and rewards sound great! It's lovely to have some nice girly-girl rewards to look forward to.

It's a FAB day in Auckland, hope you have sunblock!!! Enjoy the zoo :-)

Felicity said...

awesome goals and rewards hope your day at zoo went well and I guess u got a load of walking in. cheers.

Leighanne said...

Zoo sounds great - hope you all had a nice day:)

Helena said...

awesome goals mate, 500gms is really good stuff - positive and achieveable! Hope you enjoy the Zoo!

fitcat said...

Those sound like some good goals. I hope you guys had fun at the zoo! :D

Kate said...

Lol, well you chose a good day to go to the zoo! We popped in briefly for a coffee in the morning, and it was the busiest we have seen it for years! Hope you had fun! Love the goals and rewards :-)

Lee-Anne said...

Great goals you have set for yourself. Hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed the zoo.

A Girl Running said...

oh I just wrote an entry about my mojo return!

Looking forward to seeing the photos

Jaxx said...

Hey Mandy, hope all is well. No update for a few days. Hope you had a nice time at the zoo.

Missing you Jaxx

M said...

Hey CM. Great goals, and setting yourself the 500gms is a very healthy way to go. If you do more - great.

I hope you have a lovely day :)

Karen said...

Hey where are you hun??? Hope all is ok. Look forward to reading an update real soon.