Thursday, 21 April 2005

Weigh in not so bad

Didn't post last night as I was just so tired!!! But anyway went in for my weigh in last night and was not worried too much and thought that I would gain at least 2 kilo's because down in Wellington I just decided to be and not to worry too much about being strict and have some fun....welllll wellll welllll I lost 500 grams Woohoooooo it is better than a gain that is for sure!!!
I was telling hubby last night I know I have only lost 8.8 but I do feel like the week before I went down to Wellington that I had lost up to 10 kilos as I was feeling good but in the last week I haven't been that good so I do feel like I have lost 10 kilos but now back to 8.8 because of being naughty and in my mind I like that he he he he he... so this week my friends I am going to be good.

I was happy with that result you wouldn't believe... BLONDE gained 800 grams but mind you she has been going out on a lot of dates lately so that is fair enough.

Brought a FitStrip from Weight Watchers last night as I have this fear that my arms are going to be sooo flabby when I loose this weight (when I loose this weight he he he he not if I loose this weight) see Janine I am thinking positively like you keep telling me too... I am trying he he. I tried it last night and OMG OMG my arms are sooo sore this morning.. Yayyyyyy.

Ok girls my aim for this week is to loose my 1.2 kilos to get to this OFFICIAL 10 kilos so onward and downward for me. I have my monthly starting any day soon... think it might be today so maybe if I didn't have that I would have lost a little more last night hmmm? I am always heavier the week before yukkkkkky.

Taking my Oldest son Ten Pin Bowling today and I am sooooo looking forward to it you wouldn't believe. I am actually being more active with them now. Took them both to the park yesterday for 2 hours and they had a ball and went to sleep right on hitting the pillows last night YAYYYYY so today is going to be fun. My oldest got all dressed up this morning ready for going Ten Pin bowling he put on a flowery shirt (you know one of those hawaiian shirts (dark blue)) and nice shorts and it looked rather sexy for a 5 year old he he he he... so excited he is...
Anyway will write more later today.


Ok I am back on after going to Ten Pin Bowling with oldest son and OMG we had sooooo much fun. It was his first time and we also took my mother in law and my friend (BLONDE)and we had soooo much fun and laughed and I got 3... yep 3 STRIKES on the 10th round 3 in a row can you believe... nope I couldn't either. I really enjoyed BLONDE's company today and my mother in laws too it was fantastic. Corbin was sooo excited and he was like a kid in a candy store it was really nice to see. He got 2 STRIKES too little monkey. BLONDE's new boyfriend came to visit us at the Ten Pin Bowling and I really do like him and she is so different around him... much nicer to be around and happy. He is like a calming influence on her.I think I am coming down with the flu I am feeling sooo heavy and cheeks feel hot and not feeling good.. YUKKKKYYYYYYYYYY I have had such a good day and don't want to be sick NOPE NOPE NOPE.
Anyway everyone have a great night.. bye bye

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