Friday, 29 April 2005

Down in the Dumps

Hey Diary

I haven't been in a talkative mood (or writing mood) this week. I am not too sure what it is.. maybe it is because I got my monthly Wednesday morning, which would explain the weigh in this week of staying the same ho hum. I am glad that I didn't gain or and stayed the same but I did soooo much exercise (but didn't track) and so I am bringing it down to the fact that I have my monthly.

I just feel like I can't get off the 8.8 kilos lost!!! I mean what is wrong with me!! I have been doing so much walking and gym that now I have stuffed up my knee and it is really killing me.
So yep little depressed and not feeling right this week. I have to say I have been reading everyones journals but haven't replied (sorry)...

Leenie girl I am sorry about what you are going through and you amaze me with the way you are just going with the flow (inspirational I can tell you).

Janine ... all I can say is YOU GO GIRL, I am so glad you are back on track hun and hopefully I will get out of this rut to do it with ya.

Karen soooooo soooo jealous of your holiday my friend but you deserve it after all the crap going on at your work...

Fit-Nit OH MY GOD girl update!!!! he he he he.

Janene all I can say is ALMOST MAY woohooo for you.

Jo girl I can totally understand the frustration over doing so well and not having the loss you deserve, but babe it will turn up tomorrow aye!

Margaret OMG your bosses girl they are too funny!

Missy How are you girl!!! Loveeee the lesson in favors for your children..WELL done! P.S still can't get to your recent entry unless I click on archives then the recent date.

OMG there are sooo many more that I have read in my list below but haven't replied... SOORRYYY but I am back on track this week girls!!

I am going to have a program made up for me today with the Uni Gym so that is going to be interesting especially with my knee... I am a little worried about it. TGirl thinks it could be the bike and so does hubby because I only started having problems with my knee again when I got back on the bike... so we shall see huh.

Ok better get upstairs to work (doing this in the labs he he he or I get disturbed when I am in my office).

Love ya all and sorry for not updating like I have been.

P.S Happy-p can you email me with your diary? I am sure you have before but for some reason I can't find it... I would love to read about you.

Byeeee ChubbyMum

OMG I am in a grump... I am angry at myself for not getting to this 10 kilos... I just want to keep loosing and it feels like it is taking so long... I know I know it took a long time to put it on I can't expect it to take 5 minutes to get it off.. but hey I am working out 4 hours a week and nothing is happening!!!! Just soooo f*(&(*&(*&n angry... and I don't want to be.

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