Sunday, 17 April 2005

Another goal to be reached

What a bla day today.... I did absolutly nothing but cross stitch today. I think I really overdid it yesterday. Didn't realise that when I was walking I was constantly holding up my back pack that my arms were holding up the backpack that I used my pecs and I couldn't sleep last night as I was soooo sore... it felt like I was having a heart attack until I realised that when I raised my arms that it was the muscles he he he he... so I was punished last night he he.
I am not going to like the next two weeks. My buddy TGirl is not going to be at the meetings or our walks as she is on school holidays with her kids... which is great for her, but I have been so off track this week with the holiday and the fact that I haven't walked with TGirl that I hope I can get motivated again. Yes I did the walk last night but the food has been atrocious this week. I don't want to put this weight back on... just after seeing my friend in Wellington and achieving my goal that she notices the 10 kilos I have lost a little bit of steam. I want to get the 20 kilos off by the end of the year. I want to feel good about myself again and I have been REALLYYYY bad with not counting the points.... so I have to get my A into G and get to it!
What will get me motivated again? I suppose finding another goal to go for but I cannot work out what. I suppose the fact that my brother in law is coming back at the end of September and I haven't seen him for 2 years... maybe I should aim for that? hmmmmm... I think I will make a goal
So this is it!!!! I want to be at 125 kilos by end of September and yes it is going to be hard but it is what I am aiming for... yes TGirl I know don't be harsh on yourself but I am going to be realistic and at least it is something to aim for because I don't achieve if I don't aim and if I don't get it I don't get it. Just tired of being big. I want to go and buy some nice shoes and some nice clothes and feel sexy again.
Anyway I have to go now as I am a little depressed tonight. I think that is why I was in my pj's all day because for some reason I am not happy... and it is nothing in particular.
Back to work tomorrow.Bye Bye everyone ChubbyMum posted on 8:27 p.m

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