Wednesday, 6 April 2005

Parent teacher interview

It felt like Saturday here today.. but it was good not to have the kids around. I felt like I got so much achieved today.
Went to TGirl's to go for a walk and we went for a 4.3 kilometre walk in an hour Woohoooo it was fantastic. I felt really good and then after that I actually did the groceries too and then by that time had to go to school for parent teacher interviews.
OMG OMG I was a proud mother when I got out of there. My son turned 5 in August 2004 and started school (which is the age in New Zealand) anyway they get tested at the start of the year (in NZ it is end of January after summer holidays) and so they do a test on what the children are up to without the teaching so that by they end of the year they have something to compare...
Welllllll my son is at a reading age of a 6 and a half year old now.. wooohooo and she was impressed with his writing and maths too. I was just so happy that I could have done a little jig... but I also told Corbin how proud I am but I didn't want to overdo it because a friend of mine killed himself because he wasn't matching up to what his parents had wanted him to be and by the end had had enough that he shot himself... so I am going to make sure that my sons do what they are capable of and I will not push them to exhaustion but in saying that (dancing a little jig now woohooo) he is doing so well I am sooo proud.
Ok I am off that now.
Feeling exercised! Well fed! and just basically happy today.
Anyway that is me for now...
Steps today: 11,246
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