Thursday, 7 April 2005

Really down in the dumps today

What is up with me today?
I can't get it together today!
I mean, I like my job but I am sooo bored with it. I get like this after a year in a job I think it is because the challenge has gone and I know what I have to do and it bores me I get bored so easily! I need to be challenged but I can't keep on like this because it is a good job and great people I am just really bored.
I think after having Wednesday off and did the walking thing with TGirl I just feel like I want to do that sort of thing everyday! I know, I know I have it easy compaired to others but I just don't want to be wasting my life in this little office of mine. All by myself and just work work work. I want to walk during the day and spend time with the kids in the afternoon and take my mum out places to fill up the day.
I feel so lonely today! I know I am not alone but that is how I feel. I think I am realizing just how much weight I have to loose and I am not giving up but it has got me down a little I mean I have only lost 8.3 kilos it isn't like I have lost 30 or 40 or something and that is how I am treating it when I have so much more to go. Today is a bit of a low compared to yesterday and I am not liking it one bit.
It is such a shame that we can't do what we want and still live happily. I mean why can't we all just forget money all together and have everything we want or need and be happy with each other. Yes I do know it will never happen and there are reasons why. I also realize I should be happy with what I have as I am a fortunate person to have what I have and the family I have. Just sad today!
Steps taken today: 9,281

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