Wednesday, 13 April 2005

Back from Wellington

I just got back after a 6-7 hour drive from Wellington... I am a little gutted and feel that it was rigged to the max. I certainly don't understand how the yellow team could have won the hall way when they didn't even finish the hand rail and I don't think their landscaping was good at all. Please don't get me wrong the yellow team are really nice people but I still think that it was rigged.

My holiday was excellent but I am soooo tired and can't wait to have a shower and relax. Not that the holiday wasn't a good one but when you are staying with people you are related to by marriage it can be a little too much in the fact that you have to smile and listen when sometimes you just want to sit in silence.

We spent way too much money on the holiday and thought that maybe we would want to move down to Wellington. We are going to give it ago here for a year and look around, that is a maybe though....

I wasn't very good diet wise on this holiday. I went for an hour walk each day with hubby's aunts but it was a reallllllly slow hour walk and they kept asking if I was ok and it was only because I was bored out of my tiny mind he he he because I have been walking with TGirl that I think going really slow just made me sort of mad he he he. Sometimes people think that just because you are bigger than them that you are unfit. I have been doing regular exercise since January and kickboxing twice a week I think a walk at that pace will not kill me... now I am getting scarcastic but OMG I could have crawled on my knees faster.

I know I mentioned meeting my online buddies in Wellington and I couldn't get off the high for a couple of days. It is soooo weird that I met them..... they are such great ladies and I am glad that I met them so now when I read their diaries I can actually hear their voices etc. Thank you ladies for a lovely lunch and meeting those wonderful little kids.

Anyway I will write again tomorrow but for now I am tired and think I might go to bed.

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