Thursday, 14 April 2005


Woke up this morning and didn't really want to, but had to take my oldest to school. So me hubby and both boys walked to school. It was great but was still not feeling the best. I am not too sure if I overdid it on the holiday or not but just didn't feel 100% today. Slept from 2.30 to 4.30 this afternoon and still didn't feel like getting up but had to get up and get dressed and get over to the gym for my kickboxing class. Yep you guessed it I just could not get into it. I did a half an hour and was so moody that I said to my friend I was going on the bike because I just don't feel like the kick boxing tonight. I spent 1/2 an hour on the bike and 10 minutes on the walking machine and then it was time to get home.

There are so many things hubby and I talked about while we were away. We were looking at prices of houses in Wellington and what sort of jobs and schools there were but couldn't totally decide on whether we want to or not. I still think that we need to make an effort here in Hamilton. We are like reclusive and we tend to stay at home at night and not do anything else. So the decision is to make our lives better, to invite people around and to get out of our square and stop just being… I me that is all we seem to do.

We have got kids and use that as an excuse. So we are going to have get together’s and start to call our friends and do things with them and stop just lounging around at home. Yes we are walking more and yes I am going to weight watchers but you know that is all we seem to do. We want to have card games with our friends… to get out with our kids and other families and to do some night classes and get a life and meet new people and make the most of this life we are leading because you only have one life to live.

My weight loss in the last week has taken a little bit of a dive. I had the 10 kilos to loose before going to Wellington and even though I didn’t weigh in on Tuesday I do think that I lost up to 10 kilos with all the hill walking etc but in the last couple of days I have been so lax on the food.
The best thing was that my friend in Wellington saw me on Saturday night (after we had driven 7-8 hours and I looked a sight) and she came in the door and said “OMG you look fantastic you have lost sooo much weight and your face looks fantastic… well done and gave me such a huge hug. She is 10 kilos lighter than me but it hasn’t always been that way. It used to be that I was like 50 kilos heavier than her. So for her to give me a compliment was fantastic because she is her… I mean she is a fantastic person that always thinks of her friends and when she notices something she tells them…. I always feel so fantastic around her. She doesn’t compare either.

I hate it when friends compare and don’t think before they say something, because I am a different person… I am not the same size or the same person as other people and I really don’t like comparing. I would rather just them notice that I am me and that I have lost weight and I have a lot to loose and that is what I am like. My body isn’t like anyone else’s my habits aren’t like others but to accept that I am going to do this even though it might take longer or it might be harder for me… just accept me.

This entry has been quite long tonight. I just feel like sometime in the last 7 days I have gone off track and I don’t want the first goal to go and that I give up because I have reached it.

Weeks ago our WW Leader said that we have to choose a goal for ourselves so that we can achieve that goal. I tell people that I want to loose 20 kilos in one year and they say “that is being unrealistic” I don’t think so… I mean I have lost 10 kilos (well I think) 2 weeks ago I weighed in as a loss of 8.3 kilos and I was really good until Tuesday (6 days after that) so I do think I reached 10 kilos before then and when I was away I walked up those Wellington hills OMG but I have lost that… I only want to loose another 10 kilos in 8 months.. and if I loose more then great but I don’t see how people can assume that I can’t do it… if I put my mind to it then I can do it and I don’t want it to be a small goal because I will sit back and think arghhh what the hey there isn’t much to go till I get there. I want to achieve more than just the 10 kilo’s I want for people to notice around me… people around me everyday to notice the difference.

OK I will leave it at that. Sorry that it was a marathon entry tonight.

Love ChubbyMum
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