Saturday, 23 April 2005

I am being really bad with my updates lately {smack hand}

Yesterday was such a full on day and the weather SUCKED but it was nice to have long sleeves on and feel nice and comfy warm at home.

Work was soooo slow and wanted it to hurry up. I do like my job but I think there is no challenge to it now that I am getting bored out of my tree… but then it suits me the hours etc and I do like the people I work with.

Went to kick boxing last night but lasted only half an hour because my knee was killing me with the kicks. I don’t know what the problem was with the knee but hey…… so told BLONDE that I was going to the bikes and treadmill and she said she would join me. So that was ok.

Did 15 minutes on the bikes and it wasn’t helping the knee at all so decided to go on the treadmill and last half an hour. I managed to do 2 kilometres on the treadmill so that was great…. The bloody thing kept wanting to take my speed down when I tried to find out my heart beat… yeah I know it is only going by the norm and mine wasn’t the norm but if it took it down anymore then I would be standing still he he he he he he.

I was sweating like a pig it was fantastic. I know that most of ya wouldn’t think that sweat coming down off your neck and your eyes and your hair feeling all moist isn’t fantastic but it was… last time I tried the weight loss thing I went to the gym and no sweat was coming off me and now it is I just want my shirt to get wet he he he and maybe it would feel like I am doing a really good work out.. I look at some of the others and how wet they are and I think one day I am going to be fit enough for it to show like that he he he he he.

So after that went home for a fantastic dinner or lemon chicken kantong… OMG FANTASTIC and low in points too.

After BLONDE finally left I went to TGirl’s house it was great… we went through her cross stitch box and OMG she has so many UFO’s it is funny (Unfinished Objects he he he) I couldn’t stop laughing as she kept bringing more out and more out that were beautiful and half finished he he he, it was nice and relaxed and we also managed to watch wife swapping on television now that is an interesting show… I mean it is only for a week and some of these kids and parents think it is a lifetime… a week and you get $50,000 isn’t really a bad deal aye.

After that I fell in bed and didn’t want to get up this morning….. I just had the urge to stay at home in bed with all the warm blankets and snuggle hmmmm no can do had to go to work ho hum.!!!

Was ok with food… not naughty but didn’t drink as much water as I should be…. Exercise done… and need to do some more in the weekend but think I am on track.. wouldn’t mind loosing a nice little figure this week… but unfortunalty my monthly was supposed to happen on Tuesday and it hasn’t…. not to worried as I know I won’t be pregnant he he he he but don’t want it to be here on Tuesday or I will be so angry as it won’t show a good result and I want to loose at least 500grams a week!!! That is my goal!!! And that isn’t too hard to achieve!

Anyway gotta go


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