Friday, 29 April 2005

CSon's First Soccer Practice

I just feel like I have been eating and eating today... I hate having my monthly and feeling like this... I REALLY do.

Went to work today and as I only work 20 hours a week (and that suits my situation with the kids at the moment) my boss has asked if I want to do extra work. I said I couldn't because I can't work anymore hours due to the fact I pick up my son from school etc. She said she has been asked if I would do some work for the Researchers etc and I can do the work from home Woohooooo that sounds good to me.. as I really need the money etc (smile).

So that was a start to the day at work then when I got home CSon had to go to his first Soccer practice and has been bugging me for days leading up to it as he really wants to learn Soccer. He was soooo cute in his socks and shin pads and soccer boots and shorts... I was sooo proud of my little man running on the field kicking the ball. I am a Soccer mum he he he he now I want to look like one (smile).

Went to the gym last night for a program to be done for me. I was sooo nervous you wouldn't believe. The guy was a chinese guy and sooo nice. I felt comfortable with him and told him about my knee and how it had been giving me trouble lately. Especially when I was on the bike.

So he went through all the machines and we decided that I am not allowed on the Elipitical or the bikes but I am allowed on the Treadmill just until I strengthen my thigh muscles. He seems to think that with all the walking and kickboxing that I have been favouring my left leg and my muscles aren't strong enough in that leg. So we did some exercises on the swiss ball and the Fit Strip or elastic band things to strengthen the thigh muscle and did dumb bells for the legs. It is the first time (I have had 3 from other gyms grrr)that I have felt that someone has listened about my knee.

Ok they were all polite and didn't say that "Ok Lady since you are a big person obviously your knee is going to give you trouble" yesssss I know this but still doesn't help the fact that the bloody knee is sore when I do things like going up stairs and using my knee to get me up that I have to do something about it or I will give up on exercising altogether because it hurts so much... so there is a light at the end of the tunnel Woohooo.

Anyway that is enough blabbing for me. Full on weekend this weekend so I might not have time to update till Monday but YOU NEVER KNOW he he


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