Wednesday, 27 April 2005

Full on Anzac weekend

OMG in the last couple of weeks I have been slack haven't I... OMG OMG I just haven't felt like being on the computer when I get home at night time and just feel like doing my cross stitch... and snuggling on the couch.

Well let's see.. I have had so many people email me to say what happened to you over the last couple of days sooo let's see... what did I do hmmm

Saturday:Slept in till about 8.30 OMG I couldn't believe it as usually the kids are awak at like 6.30 he he he and that was nice. Went out grocery shopping with the kids and my mum and that was a mission I can tell you. After lunch decided to go for a walk so asked oldest son (think might call him CSon and youngest son Qson) So asked CSon if he wanted to go for a walk to TGirl's with me and he did... so we set off for our walk 3.3k's later we were there but my knee was killing me... don't know what I have done with it but it isn't good. Had a great time at TGirl's except for CSon... hmmm not going into it here but I just wanted to strangle him. The reason I take him with me is USUALLY I know I can trust him to not get in trouble but I was soooo angry by the time we got home it was not funny. But had fun at TGirls and it felt relaxing. So that was my exercise done... I wanted to just sit and do my xstitch all day but felt that if I didn't get off my backside and do some exercise then I would feel quilty and not enjoy my blobbing time. So needless to say I did my xstitching Saturday night he he he he.

Sunday:Slept till 8am then the kids decided they wanted to get into bed with us and watch cartoons... which was great so we did that then put them in the bath while we tackled the wardrobe he he he... OMG I was in fits of laughter though because CSon didn't want to wash his hair and when his Dad tried to wash his hair and wouldn't let him I said "Put him in head first, put him in head first"laughing my head off because he was not happy and decided while his Dad was turning around to get the shampooo he would get out of the bath and run down the stairs and hide he he he he I was laughing so hard that I thought I was going to wet my pants... especially when his Dad ran down the stairs and was trying to find him... it was sooooo funnnnyyyy but I guess you had to be there... the poor little man must have been sooo cold he he he he.

Got rid of so many clothes that were old and I just wouldn't wear again... but then hubby threw a pair of jeans at me and said try on... now I haven't worn these jeans in like 5 years as I have been too scared to try them on but they fit..OMG they fit but just... wouldn't like to sit down in them he he he but something for me to strive for. Was in my PJ's and totally enjoying it since outside was sooo cold, and friends called to say they would be over in half an hour OMG panic... I looked a fright so got a shower and dressed and felt much better.

Went out to BLONDE's for dinner and it was suprisingly good.. I was a little worried that I would be bored out of my tree but the company was good and her new boyfriend is quite nice and she looked really relaxed with him... so we shall see.

MondayNeedless to say we snuggled in the bed in the morning again OMG it was sooo great to do that this weekend... but then went to the Lake and walked around (the whole family... woohooo) the boys were on their bikes and we were walking and it felt great to do a family thing... I was just sooo happy with that. I did it at my pace though because of my knee and have decided that I am going to do that from now on as if I try to go fast like everyone else then it is only ruining my knee even more and it isn't worth it because any exercise is better than none at all that is for sure. It felt great to do family things on this day and I felt so exhilirated...
So that is me really... it wasn't that exciting but it was a full on weekend and spending time with the family instead of my computer and I enjoyed it...

Anyway... glad some of ya missed me...


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