Sunday, 10 April 2005

Met the girls woohoo

OMG... I had a fantastic time today!!!
I met my characters he he he he. I finally got to meet Janine, Jo, Janene, Karen and Helena today and they are the nicest people. What a fantastic time I had... I am sooooooo hyped after that lunch today and feel a little sad that I can't do that once a month or so with them as it was great to have people going through or have gone through the same thing as me. Talking to them was like I had known them for years.
I was telling my husband before hand that it was a little spooky as I was like I was reading a book and I had finally gotten to meet the characters in person. I love reading about them and about their lives and ups and downs and now I can say for sure that I really like these girls as people as well. How fantastic and easy to talk to they are!!! It is really hard to put in words what I feel right now.
The lunch was fantastic and so was the venue... and oohhhh those two little girls were soooo cute.. and their mums must be so proud to have great little things like them.
Anyway I am at my hubby's aunts place and really shouldn't be taking up the phone line but had to jot down what I was feeling and I am going to update this page when I get home next week so I can write more about what we did woohooooo
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