Monday, 4 April 2005

Great week tracking

OK the day went really fast today.

Wasn't feeling that good this afternoon I am thinking that maybe the V's are doing it to me... I am feeling quite shaky and it has been happening since Wednesday last week. I was thinking it was the amount of k's I walked last Wednesday which was way too much for my first time but then I was getting better towards Sunday and today I had a V and was not feeling good at all.
Anyway so I went to my kickboxing class tonight and it was good. BLONDE was asking so many question about the walking with TGirl and in the end I ended up saying I went for two walks and enjoyed it. I can't believe how many times she kept asking and I wasn't giving her enough information so kept at me.

TGirl phoned before the kickboxing and we had a good old chat... quite a lot about the new American Idol. OMG are there some really BAD singers in that lot he he he this time... well the ones that we heard tonight already.

I really enjoyed the kickboxing tonight. I thought that after a week of not going because they didn't have the classes that I would have been puffing so much but no I was sweating woohooo which I like now because I know that I am working but I wasn't puffed and exhausted at all.
Only 5 days till I am in Wellington and I am looking forward to it. Can't say I am looking for the drive but hey.

Weigh in tomorrow night... I am really nervous about it. I am nervous because I have been working hard with the walking and tracking this week and past times when I have done so well I haven't lost but gained!

So I am really nervous... yeah I know wait till tomorrow to find out but hey!!! I want to loose this bloody 10 kilos for the 11th April... that was my first big goal. Roll on that 10 kilos he he he
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