Wednesday, 20 April 2005

Met Blonde's Man

Hi guys well I am typing this the day after... so yesterday was an ok day. I went back to work.. Does anyone else hate the first day back after a holiday? I am always afraid of coming back to a nightmare. In my last job my boss used to go through your desk when you were away and it always made me soooo nervous.

I got back and they were all smiley and my boss said she had missed me and how was the break and she had managed to clean her desk OMG if you knew my boss she never has time to do that. She had even cleaned her folders off the meeting desk (now that I have never seen) and she cleaned out all the stuff she didn't need and put it in the confidential shredding bin... so when she said "what do you think" I was flabergasted and clapped and said "you have been a busy wee lass" he he he it was good to see her like that as she is usually a stressed puppy. It was great to have them miss me and come back to smiling faces that is for sure. My desk looks like a nightmare though as there is soooooo much work to be done.

Went to the gym last night, usually do kickboxing on a Monday but every alternate kickboxing there is a teacher called Vanessa and Blonde and I really don't like her that much so we have decided to do the bike and treadmill and weights (arms for me) instead of being with her. Plus with doing some resistance maybe I can tone up these arms as I am scared of the flabby arms when I loose the weight he he he he.

I am really getting in to this again and it feels great. I didn't realise how much only 1 week out of routine it affected me. I was starting to feel sick and lazy and run down again and no energy to even do anything. I don't want that anymore. I want energy and I don't want to mope anymore. It is exilerating (spelling hmmm) to feel alive again. I don't puff when going up the stairs to our bedroom anymore either and I want to do things with the kids and it isn't a chore like it used to be.

Well I just went to morning tea with BLONDE and her new boyfriend... she is worried about whether he is too big or what and if they get along... OMG I could have kicked her backside. I mean I am supposed to be her friend and I am bigger than him! I said to her "What is your problem with weight? I mean you are friends with me... are you ashamed to be with me as well? He isn't big at all (not by the photo she sent) if you connect then that should be what you decide on... because babe he can loose weight and you should go by the soul and how he treats you not by looks"

Yes... I can hear you all saying it does make a difference as you want to be attracted to them but OMG this guy... I met him today with her at morning tea!!!

What a fabulous personality he has... he keeps the conversation going and it is interesting and he just makes people feel comfortable like they have been friends with him for years. He owns his own business and has the most amazing eyes for a guy...

The weird thing was... was that when he turned around to meet me, I took a step back and my eyes almost popped out of my head because he looked like an old boyfriend (that asked me to marry him before my hubby) and I have never ever in my life come across that before! And no it wasn't because he looked like an ex that I like him for her... it was because of him and how nice he was to her and how he looked at her and just the caring nature... I tell you she would be a fool to let him go after how her ex treated her!! A FOOL not to get to know him.... ok re-reading this last paragraph does sound strange but if you met her ex you would know what I mean... he was judgemental and didn't like her gaining weight (not one little bit). When they got pregnant he said he didn't want to have sex with her because she was fat and ugly and he wouldn't go anywhere with her because then everyone would know what they had been doing (HELLOOOOO ?????) She was always doubting herself and was miserable..

Ok... so what a beautiful day it is here today... the sun is shining and it isn't hot either... I can't wait to finish work and get out into it... woohoooo. Taking my oldest son ten pin bowling tomorrow as my youngest is in creche and oldest is on school holidays.. I reakon we are going to have fun.

I have written enough... apart from ARGHHHHHHHH I am weighing in tonight after 2 weeks away... I know it isn't going to be good (even though I don't feel like I have gained) but I know it will be... but hey that is life... back on track this week and get myself down to that 120 kilo mark he he he


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