Friday, 15 April 2005

Non day

I thought that I would update now because tonight we are going out to a friends 30th birthday party... woohoooo spa pool and all. I am looking forward to it. Getting out with friends for dinner and for a couple of drinks sounds good. We are on our way to getting out of our square.

Today was a non day really. Went upstairs to our bedroom this morning after taking the boys to creche and school and thought we would read upstairs under the covers as the day had turned out to be a little cold. But we managed to go off to sleep... OMG we needed it and I didn't feel like waking up that is for sure. Went to TGirl's for the afternoon and that was good. She still isn't feeling well and sounds like she needs this holiday away so let's hope that she gets a chance to recoup. I am going to miss her being away for 2 weeks but hey...

Not feeling 100% yet from our holiday and I don't really understand what it is but feeling still shaky like before I went. Mind you yesterday I did walk my oldest to school and then also went to the gym last night so hopefully it was because of that and nothing else.

I think I am going to try and convince hubby to go to dancing classes with me. I want to do some exercise that is fun and I reakon dancing will be good. Was thinking of something like Ceroc or Latin dancing or something similar. Not too sure where here we can do that but I am going to get my backside into order and do it and it will be good for Winter too.

Anyway I better go and get myself organised and get my son from school.
Bye bye

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