Sunday, 3 April 2005


What a busy weekend. My new found friend and I just get on like a house on fire and it is still really freaky to know that someone else has the same interests as me and we got on like a house on fire.

Went for another walk today around the Hamilton Lake (not a small lake) took us just under an hour of walking with her dog today... I felt so much better after doing it as I needed to get some exercise... but did feel it in my calf muscles.

Spent yesterday with my new friend and it was soooo relaxing and like we had known each other for years and as you can tell I can still not get over the fact that I have found a friend that I have so much in common with. Found out today that her hubby works at a job that really he should be doing from the town (which is like is a LONG way away) and they might move there for a year. OMG OMG I always have this happen. All my friends move away... what is it? Am I jinxed or what? Am I going to go through my whole life with friends that I like going to another part of the country or world?

I love my hubby so much and he is my best friend but there is nothing like another woman to talk to... I miss being able to say whatever I feel like at the time with my friends... I can't do that with BLONDE I have tried but she like looks past me like she is saying "Yeah I know you are talking and I know I have to pretend that I am listening for you to say something so that you will listen to me" but with my new friend hmmm what shall I give her for a nickname..... hmmmm I think TGirl... yep that is fitting.

So anyway TGirl yayyyy for our new friendship.

Been doing a little more cross stitch lately too. I don't do much in the summer as it is too hot to sit around and do it plus I have OOS problems so doing it for too long is not good.

This weekend has gone so fast it is unbelieveable and it won't be long till I am in Wellington WOOOHOOOOO I am going to meet my online friends Woohooo.

Anyway enough from me.

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