Saturday, 16 April 2005

I walked all by myself

I did it!!! I went for a 4.3 kilometre walk ALL BY MYSELF!! Wooohooooo I felt so good. I took my time but managed to do it in 55 minutes and had my head phones on and groooved and sang to the music. Yep people must have thought I was off my rocker he he heeee but I felt good. One of the ladies at Weight Watchers drove past and she had the biggest grin on her face and she was waving out the window.... I think she was proud he he he he.
It felt so good and when I got to the shops at the end I had a pineapple ice block it was so refreshing and I felt soooo happy...
Anyway I will write again later tonight but had to get it out. I am on my way to slimsville and I am going to do this! I just have to keep up my exercise Wohoooo
Talk tonight... ChubbyMum
posted on 1:09 p.m

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