Saturday, 14 October 2006

Waikato Times - Monday 16th October 06

He he he got the photo from Crusher this morning which had the photo below attached and that is the one going in the Waikato Times on Monday.

My face is soooo funny... I am looking at Dee (with the ball) and saying to her "I am on your team hun and my foot is in the goal so we can get one" and she looks at me and thinks OMG so you are he he he he she was trying to find someone behind me to give the ball to to get a goal... it was sooooo funny.

Wow I am quite happy with this photo apart from the look on my face but it doesn't make me feel big at all. It was quite a nice change to play our version of netball and boy was I sweating afterwards.

So on Monday after the artical comes out I will tell you what they had written about us...

Today was a good day we slept in till about 8.30 had breakfast and then went to the library to get some books and then picked up hubby's mum and went for about a 4km walk around the river... crossing over 2 bridges and going up hills and had a great time. The weather was fantastic even though before we left it looked like we might have gotten wet.... but we didn't woohoo.

I have been busy making Christmas cards in the last week..... I feel crafty and have been so enjoying making them. It is like me time...

Ok that is me for the day... I am off to the gym tomorrow morning with Debbie... it is going to be so much fun she is looking forward to it as well she said today. I managed to get her a week free at the gym (because she is the one doing the deal with Crusher to do LEAN only) but wants to now join the gym so she can come more often with me. It is going to be hard work I can tell but I am up for it!!

I need to get some more cardio...

I want to be under 100 kilos this time next year!! I need to get off my backside and stop with all the crap food.

I can't seem to stop with the crap food since the holiday... I am happy eating it and I am tired of it too... so as from today I have been good and not eating anything I shouldn't.

I am going back to tracking tomorrow!!! Need to sort myself out. So I know that I will gain in the next WW meeting but hey that is life "as long as I get back on to it now".

I have been back at WW properly for the last 6 weeks but haven't been talking about it much because to be quite honest I have not wanted Kris to go back to the meeting...

My WW leaders have been wonderful and are willing to work with me with my food and some new ideas so I am going to take them up on it and I am going to get under 100 kilos by next year!!!

I should start a challenge 20 kilos in a year!!! that is just under 400 grams a week!! I think I can do that what do you think!! DOUBLE DIGITS by next Xmas!!!

Hmmmmmm scary

Love ya all going to go and do some reading now.
Love CM


Debbie said...

HEY CM :) I love the picture and you look really great - you can sure see what amazing progress you have made :D It's so great. Sorry to hear about the trouble you had with Kris but it sounds like you are better doing your LEAN and weightloss with Debbie (hey she even shares my name! Must be good huh? ;) ) Take care
Love Debs

hippygal said...

Chris (son) was just sitting next to me while I was reading this and he saw your before and after and said "wow she has lost lots of weight" He was impressed :)

Karen said...

Wow love the photo hun - you look amazing! :) And it looks like you are all having such a great time too!
Love the idea of your challenge for the next 14mths too! You CAN do it!!!
The cards look amazing - you are so talented!!!!

Rachel said...

Love the photo - you face is precious.......hahahaha.

Aren't you a clever chicken doing your own Xmas cards.

Your 20 kilo challenge sounds good!!! But I reckon you will be in double digits before next Xmas because you are one of the most motivated people I know.

Don't look so shocked! you are!

Kate said...

Gorgeous cards! Lots of inspiration there, thanks :-)

Leighanne said...

I love your cards!!
The photo looks great - glad you are doing well:)