Monday, 9 October 2006

Wellington trip & Quinn's first day at school

I have forgotten what I wrote yesterday as it was soooo long and then I lost it! OMG it pissed me off like you wouldn't believe. I wasn't well yesterday as I had a tummy bug. I felt soooo bad and like I was having morning sickness again (NOPE don't go thinking that as it isn't true) so when my post that I had been writing was lost I just had enough and went upstairs and had a bath (which didn't help much).

My Wellington trip was soooo full on and doing lots of cool things. I realised that I haven't been spending enough time with my kids either lately and so it put things in perspective too.

I had so much fun meeting all you lovely ladies and wished that you lived closer as I know that if you guys were closer it would be a whole lot easier as the support would be fantastic. I sometimes feel like I support everyone else in my life here (maybe that is the reason I want to be a life coach) and sometimes I need someone to listen to me... really listen not pretend to listen just so that I will shut up and then they can say what they are thinking...

I was talking to hubby on the way home on how weird it was to hear from a couple of people how inspirational I am... I have never thought of myself as inspirational, I am just doing what has to be done to get this weight that I have put on OFF... I mean how can I be inspirational when it was my fault that I put that much weight on in the first place? I have been struggling in the last year to lose much and in a year have lost 10 kilos when I had lost 20 kilos in the first 10 months when I first started. What is holding me back? Maybe I am getting complacent? I don't want to be and I am doing more exercise Way Way Way more exercise than I have ever done before yet I am not losing the weight I want to... I have to do some soul searching.

Hubby's aunt said that she was inspired by me and that she went to the gym to see if she could join up and they suggested she got a medical certificate before doing it but they seemed positive that they could help her once she got the medical certificate so I hope that it does work for her.

So I am going to do this Life Coach training!!! The reason being I want to help people that are struggling like I was when I was 153.7 kilos!!! I think Crusher is the one that has made me think that this has to be something I need to do. Crusher has believed in me and stuck with me and pushed me and I NEED to know that I can help others just like she has helped me.

I jumped on some scales yesterday FEARING that I had gained like 2 kilos because of all the crap I ate on the holiday... but realistically looking back yes I was bad with quite a lot of meals but I didn't go over board but I did try everything and still tried to have some fun. But it made me realise while there that I don't want to go back to all the crap food anymore as it didn't make me feel good and I felt bloated all week. But I stayed the same in my weight on the scales so that was great.

OMG what did I do on this holiday? I want to document it so I can remember:

  1. Friday drove down to Wellington and the kids were fantastic as we had our portable DVD player and they got to watch Scooby doo movie (cartoon) and Peter Pan movie (real people). We got there about 9.30.... stopped in Bulls for dinner and had kebabs so at least we had healthier food than the McD's on the other side of the road.

  2. Saturday was a miserable day weather wise but got to meet all the wonderful ladies I have been writing too for so long. It was a weird feeling as most of you would agree that you know these people so well as their blogs tell you what they are thinking and feeling that you know quite a lot about them but seeing them in person was just the strangest feeling. We laughed a lot and the kids had fun (little monkey's of mine grrr). The food was great at the cafe and what an amazing drive up that mountain (arghhhh my fear of heights were on a high in Wellington that is for sure he he).

    Went home and got dressed for a fabulous evening out for Helena's birthday at a Greek Restaurant and we had a ball... laughing, dancing and talking and getting quite drunk woohoooo. Hubby dropped me off and then picked me up at 2am in the morning... I am not too sure if I wanted to finish up then but hey had to go home at some stage. The girls that went dancing were a hoot and I thoroughly enjoyed it THANK you Helena for inviting me.

  3. Sunday slept in and got ready for Karen's baby shower... well there was a lot of ladies there and we played some games and had some food and Karen came away with a lot of loot he he he well done Karen. After the baby shower Helena, Rachel, Jo and I went to the cossy club and had a ball of a chat and didn't stop laughing the whole time... but ho hum it was then time to go back home for dinner and Rachel kindly offered to take me home (which is way way way out of her way) and we had a good old chat on the way and I am glad that I got the time to chat with her... what a lovely person she is and her car was the yummiest car I have ever been in he he he a Cadbury purple car hmmmmmm.

  4. Monday slept in again OMG it was becoming an habit ;-)
    Got packed up and took the train at 11am to Wellington City to meet Aroha for lunch... the train driver gave us a discount when he realised we were from Hamilton as he used to live there so that saved us some was weird seeing Aroha after so long but it was great and to see her smiling face just made it even better. We went to a little cafe and had nachos and talked (while it rained outside).

    After Aroha went back to work me and the boys went shopping in town and then took the cable car up the mountain to the top and went to the observatory and it was facinating but Quinn was getting a little bored as there were too many words he didn't understand with the guy talking so we went out and left Corbin and hubby there and I gave Quinn some chippies to keep him happy. Went down the tram and then met Aroha at the train station and went back to Tawa to get our car and all our stuff from hubby's aunts place.

  5. Tuesday... Aroha's other half Danny said to us to go shopping and leave the kids with him OMG now that felt really weird and wrong as Danny had his 3 boys and then he looked after 3 more boys in the holidays for a friend and then he had his nephew staying as well... so that was 9 yep 9 kids he had in the house and I felt like it was wrong to leave him with that many kids but he insisted so J and I went to Cuba street and made a day of it.

    We shopped and stopped for a beer and shopped some more and stopped for more drinkies he he he (well hubby did and I watched but it was great). Brought some Xmas presents and went to see Dorothy's (that some friends were talking about) also had lunch at a sushi train restaurant and it was fantastic and what a fabulous idea to get different tries at different types of sushi etc... had a ball and Hubby and I laughed the whole time... felt like we were in a different country. We picked up Aroha on the way and went home to see that Danny had been ok with the kids and also made dinner as well... OMG what a gem he is.

  6. Wednesday was another highlight of the trip... we met Helena and her family at the rink and roller skated for a couple of hours.... it was hard to start with and Corbin was getting frustrated as he thought it would be easy and just get up and do it not realising that he had to practice so it took a lot of convincing... I was up on the roller skates and totally enjoying it.

    One lady about my age came up to me and said OMG you are doing so well and that she didn't have the nerve to get on the skates for fear... I said that she can do anything she puts her mind to and by about another hour she was on skates and having a ball of a time and we just kept laughing about it.

    Helena is a great skater and so elegant too... Quinn was trying so hard to skate and by the end of the time he was a little gem on the roller skates... Hubby hadn't skated before and he was doing well too apart from the time he fell on the rink and then tripped me up and then I tripped up Quinn he he he it was sooo funny but Quinn didn't think so.

    After the skating we went back to Helena's for an absolutely yummy dinner... I really enjoyed her and her husband's company but I was getting a little uptight with the boys (Quinn in particular) as he wasn't listening... he was being a nosey little so and so and wasn't listening and I wasn't too impressed that is for sure. But it was a great night apart from wanting to strangle my child he he he.

  7. Thursday went to Te Papa with 9 kids and 4 adults and I thought it was going to be a nightmare but it wasn't and we had a ball. We explored lots and Corbin was just having so much fun (hubby and I managed to buy some xmas present right in front of their noses for Xmas for them and they didn't realise he he he sooo funny).

    Aroha and I went shopping at Queensgate and spent money and I got some fantastic stuff for my cards and got some stuff for her too so that she could make some cards. I hope she keeps it up as it would be nice to get one from her he he he he.

  8. Friday we got up a little late and went in and had lunch with Aroha again as it was the last time we would see her for a while then went back to J's aunts place and found that some of his cousins came down to visit from Hawera but when they got here they were really ill with a tummy bug so we had to stay with Hubby's cousin next door so the kids didn't get the tummy bug (but unfortunatly I did get it ho hum). That night they had a huge family bbq with everyone invited and it was a huge feed but it was great to catch up and the food was fantastic... There were kids there for the boys to play with and they had a ball.

  9. Saturday drove back to Hamilton and it wasn't soon enough in a way... wanted my bed back he he he.

Soo.... on other news.. it was Quinn's first day at school today and his teacher said that he was a gem and when she tested him on his alphabet he knew 90% of them and I was just glowing when she said that as he sometimes gets shy (hmmm he he he) and doesn't say the right things with the alphabet. When we got to school outside the door Quinn said to me and hubby "you guys can go now as I am a big school boy" I just wanted to cry when he said that as my little boy is getting older ho hum... He had a wonderful day and can't wait to go back tomorrow and his teacher was so nice and he had a ball.

Ok I have written way too much... I am going to go and make dinner now.

Love ya all

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