Thursday, 26 October 2006


I didn't post last night because things happened and I didn't get to my laptop.... but I will tell you later in the post.. it had to do with hubby.

It was a huge day at work yesterday as I had to get all my invoicing down by 12 and I didn't have work on Monday because of the long weekend that I had to do my job in 1 day and a half because of end of month OMG OMG OMG what a nightmare that turned out to be and I had a screaming headache by the time I left and I also didn't have my proper breaks...

BUT... I drank all my water... he he he. My goal for this week from my WW ladies (friends) is to drink my water every day and so one of them were sending me emails to say Drink water and I love water over and over again... it was soooo funny and great that they are helping me with my little water problem.

Debbie, Hubby and I went to Crusher's kickboxing class last night and had a ball... OMG I haven't worked that hard in a Kick boxing class ever and it was great... It was great having Debbie's positive attitude and my hubby there too... but hubby t-shirt was soaking wet when we left so he worked his butt off.

Debbie and I were sooo sore when leaving the class and I thank Crusher for that it was a fantastic class... I am going to go next week that is for sure.

Got home and Debbie and I got dressed and ready for the Tupperware party at the WW leaders place and we got there and it was such a nice atmosphere and we were ready for a great night and then 5 minutes into getting there I got a phone call on my cellphone from mum saying "you need to get home NOW hubby has just blacked out" OMG OMG I was (on the outside) looking like it was ok but on the inside my heart was racing and I was sooo scared.

Debbie took me home and on the way I phoned back to see if I could talk to hubby... Got him on the phone and he said "I told your mum not to worry and to NOT call you as it is all right" I am glad that she did phone me as I wouldn't have liked not knowing till I got home.

Apparently hubby was giving Corbin a horsey ride and and Corbin had his hands around his neck rather tight and hubby was just going to say "Corbin can you take your hands away please" and next minute he woke up on the floor with Corbin screaming and screaming and my mum (who btw doesn't take stress well) was screaming at hubby saying what is wrong? what happened? what happened? and so he shouted back at her I don't know but then mum said I am calling CM and hubby was shouting back at her Don't!! (if any of you out there that know him know that NEVER EVER EVER would he shout at anyone and especially not my mum) but she was badgering him that he got upset.

Was talking to hubby and he said "Look you go back to the Tupperware party! (this is 8pm that this happened) I haven't had anything to eat since 12 lunch time and I have just done a huge workout and not enough water and then Corbin had me in a sleeper hold... everything is fine" But I couldn't!! I couldn't because I was frightened of losing him.. I was scared that he was just brushing it off and it was more serious.

So Debbie and I went home and cooked us dinner and him and I went and brought him some Ginger kisses (his favourite) as we don't really have sugary things at home for him to get his blood sugar levels up. He doesn't drink coffee etc to be able to put sugar in so that was the nicest thing.

He kept saying he was alright but to be honest after that fright I couldn't have concentrated at the Tupperware party and I was really upset missing it as I like the WW girls and would love to do things with them. GRRRR

I couldn't sleep all night worrying that he wouldn't wake up in the morning so I was waking up every half an hour to check on him.. I missed LEAN this morning because of it as I was just buggered.

This morning I have rung him like 10 times checking up on him he he he he.

But anyway went to my old work at the University today and OMG the compliments that I got. I even had lecturers that I only saw a couple of times come up and tell me how fantastic I was looking. Hubby's old boss couldn't get over how great I was looking too and I felt like I was on cloud nine. I haven't seen them in a long while so they actually saw the difference.

I popped in on BLONDE (if you remember her from when I started losing weight) she gave me a compliment and said that she could see it in my neck and shoulders he he he he I said to her that I actually have a neck now and not a head glued to shoulders he he he he he.

I am feeling ok about Crusher's six week challenge at the moment and I have cut down on my V's which is taking a bit to get used to (Not 5 a day OMG like the lady on Downsize me the other night)

Anyway I better go and get myself ready for picking up the kids from school soon.

Will update later on what else happened.

Love ya all


fjdagg said...

Oh My Gooodness CM what a worry for you, I am pleased your Mum rung you too. Glad all is well Corbin would have got a heck of a fright.

Compiments are great huh. And of course you'll be getting them have u looked at yaself lately girlie you look awesome.

Helena said...

bloody 'ell! how freakin frightening for you all ... hope everything is going ok! Thinkin of ya :)

stephaniehinebrown said...

Hi there, What a stressful evening! I'm so pleased everything is okay, it could have been so much worse. What a panic! Well I did it... I joined Weight Watchers today. I am 142.7 kgs. I just about fainted when I saw that weight. I was so upset. My goal weight is 59kg (I am a very very short lady) So 83.7kg to lose, my gosh it is going to be a long hard battle. I cannot believe this. We have goal sheets at our work for our clients, I will get one tomorrow for me. Thanks so so much Mandy, you have inspired me to do this. What a wonderful person you rally are. *big hugs*