Sunday, 22 October 2006

Sunday - Bikes, Lunch, Library

The boys let us sleep till 9am Woohooooooo

In the weekends they are not allowed out of their beds till 8am so that gives us till then anyway.

Hubby and I sit every morning in bed for the first 15 minutes planning what we are going to do for the day. I am very much a planner and like knowing what is happening so I feel like I have achieved something... I suppose that is what Virgo's are like he he he.

So we planned to go for a bike ride to the library and then to hubby's mums place for lunch. Which is about 6km each way.

Went to the library to find some books for me about writing... I think I want to write a book... hmmm not sure what it will be about but that is a goal at the moment. Or how to write better for my scrapbooking.

The boys sat and read a book each and it was nice and relaxing then we biked to the bakery to get some bread for lunch at hubby's mums place. It was a nice bike ride apart from Quinn driving us a little insane in the fact that he was getting slower and slower.

Came back and watched Zathura again and played singstar. Now the boys are playing Madagascar on playstation. I don't usually like them playing playstation too much but since we did a lot of exercise today it is fine to play the playstation. They know that other things come first and that we don't just sit in front of the tv all day... so at least I am teaching them that.

That is it for me today...

Love CM

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