Monday, 16 October 2006


I am feeling so motivated today.... I am feeling motivated because finally I feel like I am being true to myself and saying everything that is on my mind in my blog!!!

I feel motivated because I met some wonderful people down in Wellington that know exactly what I am going through and are an amazing motivation for me to keep going.

Rachel thank you for the emails today and for listening I really appreciated it and it has made me think of things in a different way you are truly an amazing and funny lady. I don't have enough laughs in my day and I can imagine that if you lived here I would have such a great six pack (if girls have them he he he) because of all the laughing we would do.

I found this on an email sent to me today and thought I would put it up for everyone to read.... it is so simple but sometimes we forget to put ourselves first:

Put Yourself First — you can't lose weight for someone else; you have to own your goals. After all, you're the one out there sweating your butt off, right? Finding the right motivation is all about getting real with yourself. Jillian Michaels

Sometimes I think that motivation is not all you need though... you need to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF because without that you won't achieve anything.

Ok so I treated today as my first day losing weight... because I have gone back to my bad habits since the holiday and I was liking the fact of not worrying about food... so today I started with getting back to drinking water. I had a glass of water with every meal...

Food today:

2 Sandwich bread
Peanut Butter (slither not much)

Morning Tea
Carrot Sticks
Wasabi Peas

Left over Rogan Josh (not a lot)

Afternoon Tea

Roast Beef
(I am going to try and have one potatoe a week and that is it... sort of like an experiment)

I not happy with my food today but I wanted to concentrate on getting the water sorted today instead of being overly worried about the food but still being good.... so this is what my experiment will be today.

Went back to work after 16 days off and people actually missed me. I phoned one of my creches I do the accounts for and the Manager said "OMG thank God you are back... you don't know how much I missed ya" now I can tell you this lady scares the hell out of me because she is sooo straight to the point sort of person and she was the last person that I would have thought that would have missed me....

But I was in the newspaper with my photo today and I was sooo sooo sooo proud he he he. My mother in law even phoned to say she saw me as well. Woohoooo ME!

I also got a phone call and this lady on the other end said "I hear you are our accounts person" and I said "who are you?" and they said "### creche in Morrinsville" I said sorry but I don't know what you are on about and she said that my boss in Auckland knows all about it and sure enough I phoned Auckland and was told there that I have a new creche OMG OMG it was nice to find out through someone else that I had a creche that had started about a week ago with us. I was told that it could be happening but didn't think it would be till start of next year OMG what a Mickey Mouse bunch I work for... how could they take on another creche without giving me the heads up or the details... and all my boss could say was "OOps forgot to tell you about that" OMG I know I don't work in the same city but fFSake.... yep yep Mickey Mouse outfit.. so my day started off interestingly.

I haven't heard from Kris at all today. Saw her dropping off her kids this morning in the rain and waved to her but she didn't even wave back and looked miserable...I can't say I wasn't being friendly, as I am an adult and I don't like losing friends. Even though I don't want to be close friends anymore with her I don't want to totally avoid her either as our kids go to the same school and we both go to the same gym.

I am getting quite tired now and I have to go to the gym at 6am in the morning ARGGHHHHH back to getting up early again ;-)

Love ya all


Rachel said...

Thanks for the nice comments chicken.......back at ya!!!

I didn't realise you were back at work, that time went quick aye?

I also went to the gym last night and felt great afterwards.

We will get there matey!!!!

tracy said...

Good on you for showing a mature side. I suspect she feels bad as she really seems to have a problem if she thinks someone does not like her or is mad at her, at least that is the feeling I get from her blog.