Monday, 23 October 2006

Blob out day

It is a blob out day today.

Spent the day just being at home...

I must admit I am a little bored with it now as I am now used to doing something everyday exercise wise.

My mum has been in one of her little moods today deciding to punish me with something by doing the silent treatment and staying in her bedroom. I think I have come to the conclusion that it is her problem as she has been doing this all my life... making me feel quilty for something but never telling me what it is and I think that is why we usually go out because it is unbearable sometimes.

I went in her room and said to her that our whole holiday she was saying she missed us etc but when we are at home she doesn't treat us like that and moans about everything all day... the room is messy, the kids playroom is untidy (while they are in there playing), the lawns aren't mowed yet (and it is still on Saturday morning) it is honestly driving me insane in the last couple of weeks. I am 36 years old, this is my family and we have a mortgage and we are married and she still treats me like a 12 year old and does these little tantrums.

I love my mum... she does help us out a lot and she is a lovely lady but I am finally at 36 realising that the little tantrums are her problem and if she is going to stay in her room and sulk and not tell us what the problem is then she will stay there all day and that just makes it more of a problem for her as it doesn't bother me like it used to... it does a little but I am not going to let her do it to me... the mind games just brass me off now.

We made fridge magnets with the boys today with plasterer paris (spelling he he he??) and then painted them... they look so cute. We played playstation and we also spent an hour reading our books. We are trying to teach the boys that they need to sit and read now and then and not just play on computers and watch tv's.

I read some more blogs today as I want to get more inspiration to keep me going on this weight loss journey, and one lady I did read was dietgirl. To be quite honest I have come across her blog so many times by others that read it. I was intimidated because she had stuck to it for so long, and is in a place where I want to be and felt a twang of jealousy... but I take my hat off to her as she is an interesting lady and I think I will keep reading.

Been a little hard to keep on track with Crusher's new progam today because of staying home all day I am nibblish... but I stuck to it... didn't want to mind you... It is hard for me the week after my monthly I find that I want to eat sweet things on that week and it drives me insane. Hmmm but I will battle that.

Good night everyone.
I am tired
Love Chubbymum


Kate said...

I reckon that's great what you are teaching your boys, and it always sounds like you guys are doing fun stuff as a family - that's SO cool!

Rachel said...

You deserve to sit around and blob out, I don't know anyone else who works out so hard plus does so much with their family than you :)

My mother also throws tantrums (especially with Andrew) because we don't do things like she wants and we have also taken the attitude that, it won't bother us and if she acts like that we just ignore her. You shouldn't have to leave your house (by going out) because of her attitude, if she is going to treat you like a child, do the same back by telling her how silly she is being and you don't want your kids to see such childish behaviour from their grandmother.

Keep up the good work chicken!

Leighanne said...

You deserve a day off!!!

stephaniehinebrown said...

Finally brave enough to post! I love reading your blog... you are so inspirational. Seems you have had a rough time lately with people. I work alot with people in need and it's patterns of behaviour that are hardest to change... good for you for making some positive choices in your life. I hope that you are finally at peace with your relationship with Kris and that you can now move on in a positve direction. It is sad when frienships end, no matter how negative they have been. Well done Chubbymum!