Saturday, 21 October 2006

Round the bridges

Ok... HO HUM (for you Helena) I have a cold... but I have been watching Down size me on Tuesday nights and the trainer (don't know if I like this woman by the way) said that when you are sick you should still get up and do exercise... so I did!! I went for a practice run of the round the bridges.

Hubby got on the computer and found the map of where the 6.3 km's go and we walked it... went with the kids (which btw we should have left home this time) and did it in 1 hour and 30 minutes and I am sure I probably could have taken 10 to 15 minutes off that if we didn't have them. But there were enough hills in the walk and especially nasty at the end of the 6.3 kms is a nasty one arghhhh but I am glad I did it.

I am not too sure my throat was feeling the same way (as I still have a head cold) but I practiced it and the "Round the bridges" is on the 5th November so that isn't too long away.

Then a week later I have my triathlon with the gym... not sure if you would call it a triathlon but Quintathlon as we have to do:
  1. 12km Walk/Jog
  2. 12km Bike Ride
  3. 4000 metre Rower
  4. 50 Sit ups
  5. 50 Push ups

Crusher seems to think that I can do the 12km's on the 'Round the bridges' but I don't know if I want to do the 12km.

I am doing the 12km's the week after and I have achieved so much this year with my first triathlon, boot camp, tough guy/gal and now the round the bridges and then the second triathlon.

I am not wanting to do these because I love them but just because I want to be in them to say I have achieved it, so the difference between doing the 'Round the bridges' 6.3 km doesn't mean that they mean any less.

I am going to do the 6.3 km's and realised that today that is what I want to do and then the 12km the weekend after. I know... I know Crusher won't be happy as she thinks I can do it and maybe I can but I don't want to do it I think that is the difference this time.

I am also a little worried I am overdoing it for my knee too as I now have both my knees giving me grief and I hate the fact that I feel like I am coming apart.... a little scared that if I keep overdoing it then I am going to get to the stage that I can't do anything at all.

Tomorrow I start my challenge with Crusher and I am a little aprehensive only because I have a choice of 5 meals for 6 weeks and I know what I am like when I can't have something I get bored and I stray... I am going to try try try not to but I think the thing that will let me down is the only choice for breakfast is muesli, yoghurt and fruit and I must admit the yoghurt and fruit for breakfast gives me chills as I hate them mixed.. I know I am a weird chicky but I just don't like it.... but I have to learn to like it because I WANT to get this next 10 kilos OFF

We went and did the groceries this afternoon I spent the whole day walking (I should have worn my pedometer) and finally got to rest at 4.40pm arghhhh.

We got a Dvd out called Zathura and we all quite enjoyed the movie.

Tomorrow if it is a bad day then we are going to sit and make Christmas cards with the kids as we brought them some card and some xmas decorations for their cards and they are itching to make theirs. I reckon it will be fun but messy he he he.

I am going for another walk tomorrow but I think I might leave the hubby and kids home so that I can actually go at a good speed. I haven't practiced enough before this triathlon and it is worrying me a little.

Anyway love ya all



Kate said...

Wow I just admire you so much for getting out there and doing all these things. It takes guts!! Well done! :-)

Debbie said...

Hi CM,
If fruit and yoghurt mixed gives you the chills - don't eat em together. I only like yoghurt on apple of banana not on any other fruit. So if I fancy it for breakfast I just eat the yoghurt and fruit seperatley - of course that only works if you have nice fruity yoghurts.
Good job on getting out and exercising - what an inspiration :D

Karen said...

Wooohooo! You are on fire girl and like Kate I admire you for getting out there and giving everything a go!!!! YOU ROCK!!!


fjdagg said...

My lovely...did you actually read that last statement you wrote u yes you Mandy that thinks she can't do events and stuff said you will walk with out the kids and hubby so to get a good speed what only a few months ago was worried she couldn't go walking cause she was too slow.
Also if you don't wanna do the longer bridge walk you don't have to you know your body and you know what you want to do don't be bulldozed into it...there is encouragement and there is pushy sometimes it is hard to find the middle ground. you are a rock girl

Margaret said...

WOW. I can't get over how much you have achieved this last year, and what you have planned for the next few months. It is incredible! And you should be very proud.

And I agree, do the 6.3km and then the 12km the week after. That is a huge effort anyway and you don't want to knock yourself out of doing the 2nd 12km by doing too much the week before.

You are definitely on track to getting to goal with this exercise load, and I know it can get frustrating following a restricted diet but it is only for a small period of time, and then you go back to having the healthy mixed diet you were having before. Think of it like a big shake up of your internal body. It might be just what you need right now. Not necessarily what you want LOL but what you need.

I just had a look at your progress photo in your side bar and it has given me motivation to stick to what I am doing. I know we are completely different weights. But that doesn't matter. The fact that you do what you do gives me inspiration to keep doing what I am doing.

And isn't that great :D

Hope you have a lovely day today. Keep going :)