Friday, 20 October 2006

Motivation Galore

I am back to my old self!!!

Crusher worked me hard today and made me do the rower 4000 metres which took me 25 minutes but I know I can go faster than that as at the start it took us a while to work out where I was going to put my feet as I have a problem on it that my knees go out when I am on the rower so I put my feet on the floor but now I am putting them right under the feet holders so that I still work out properly but not tied in up above like other people so that I can not damage the knee.

I think I am more motivated now than ever... the reason being... I finally realised that I don't have to have Kris in my life to feel fufilled.... and also realising that I have so many supportive people in my life...
  • firstly my husband he is just the best,
  • Crusher is there for me and listens and is helping me out and believing in me when I don't believe in myself,
  • you guys reading and commenting and listening I thrive on your support and the fact that you care and listen to me means SOOOOO much you wouldn't know,
  • my friend Delwyn for telling me that I should not have gone back to Kris as a friend (the last time she let me down) and I didn't listen giving Kris the benefit of doubt and so now she can say "I told you so"
  • Debbie for listening through the last week and commenting and helping me get through all this crap because I don't like the situation I have been in in the last week, Debbie goes to Lean with me and pushes me and goes to the gym with me and keeps me focussed on the positive side of weight loss, plus she is a great friend at work.


I felt great because I felt sooo relaxed and the concentration was even better with Crusher today.

Crusher just made me feel great in the fact that she has set me a challenge... I have a 6 week challenge and I will get the food list tonight (that she has two other people doing) and we are going to knock this weight off me he he he...

I said to her I want to lose another 10 kilos by February... now realistically I don't know if I can lose that much but I am going to try. I am more positive with this now and I know I just have to stop PISSING AROUND and do it.

So to be at 114 kilos by end of February will be my next challenge.
The teen's the teens woohooo.

So Crusher "Onward and Downward we go" I have the exercise sorted I reckon... I don't have a problem with the exercise and I am addicted to the gym it is just the food that I have to sort and that DAMN water.

Plus I feel like I am getting another cold... I am taking panadol and barocca like you wouldn't believe at the moment as I don't want to be sick anymore and I don't want my knee to stop me from getting on with this challenge.

So the challenge starts this
Sunday 22 October 2006
with Crusher and it will finish
3rd December 2006

Worked out my measurements today and these are the results

Centimetres lost since January 2005
Arm - 12.5
Waist - 34.2
Hips -
Thighs - 9.5
Chest -
Calves -

Altogther lost: 100.4 centimetres over my whole body.

Went to school to watch my boys do their cross country today and had a picnic lunch with them... it was a lovely afternoon (especially when it was raining most of the day) the rain stopped and the sun came out BLISS!

I was soooo proud of the boys they did so well! They weren't last (like I was in school) and they both tried sooo hard and came in the middle... they were soooo cute with the determination on their faces.

Ok I have yapped on enough... got a sore throat and so I am going to get an early night and make sure this cold that is trying to come on doesn't get any yukkier he he he

Love ya all

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Debbie said...

Hey CM, so glad to hear you have feeling better and have got motivation back. The challenge sounds great - I'll be following you the whoel way..