Thursday, 12 October 2006


Why am I slacking with my updating...

I don't want to be slacking with my updating but I have been wanting to do my card making in the last couple of nights instead of writing in my blog. I think sometimes it is because I don't want to be thinking about weight loss for a while and get my creative side out.

I am making my Xmas Cards and yesterday I made 8 woohooo and they look fantastic if I must say so myself.

Ok.. so for today:

Went to LEAN this morning with Crusher and Sgt Major and I must say I am getting used to him but I also think he has adapted to us as well as he isn't sooo moody and bossy and has backed off treating me like a school kid that has to obey rules... I think that Crusher must have had a word to him... I don't work well with pressure like that....

I felt like a total failure at LEAN this morning with having a week off and eating like a horse while in Wellington and then trying to keep up with everyone... not that there was any pressure from them just that I wasn't feeling up to scratch (P.S Yes Helena I think the roller skating had a LOT to do with it he he he the weight loss this week I mean) I was going up the stairs part and my good knee gave in and I was in sooo much pain but didn't want to let on until it was getting a little unbearable... it is the wrong knee... ya know and I am sooo gutted that finally after building up my bad knee for me to be able to jog that my good knee is more painful that my bad knee...

We played a game of netball against each other and the was sooo much fun... to see how competitive people are is great too... I must admit I am more of a defence person than a running after the ball situation but I don't think I did too bad.

So the rest of my day was a pamper day as a reward for my 30 kilos (Hubby booked the times as a suprise) I had a voucher from the soccer team that I managed for a facial and he booked the time so I would stop chickening out as it had been a month and he also made a booking yesterday for me to get my nails done at Professionail it was soooo nice.... I felt so special and now I have to get used to wearing nails again... I feel like a woman again and not a mum woohooo for me spoilt rotten!

I forgot to mention that the Waikato Times came and took a photo of our LEAN group today because one of them saw us going up and down the River Road hill one morning and wanted to know what it was all about... so this morning we had a photographer following us around and I felt self-conscience the whole time.

I have a headache now because of the day being sooo full on... so I am going to go and make the dinner and then read some blogs later on tonight.

Love ya all

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