Friday, 27 October 2006

I ran today on the treadmill!!! OMG OMG

Went to my personal training with Crusher today....

I went on the bike for 10 minutes waiting for Crusher and she was five minutes late so I went to the front counter wondering where she was and she said "how did you get past me?" OMG I said I have been here for 10 minutes he he he.

We then went down to the treadmill and I was talking to one of the ladies on the treadmill beside me called Jackie and I said to her "well done for the running" as I know she had a knee problem and she never usually runs she usually stays on the spin bikes. She said that she has lost so much since she has been running on the treadmill. I said "OMG I couldn't do it is scares me" and then that is when Crusher said come on and she made me run on the treadmill... I was frightened to start it is a scary scary thing for me... BUT I DID IT!!! OMG I just can't get over it.

I feel sooo sore this afternoon after that. I was on the treadmill for 12 minutes and for 6 of those minutes I was running wohoooooo.

We went on the rower for 2000 metres too and then on the bike for 12 minutes. I doesn't sound like I did a lot but OMG OMG I feel pumped... I haven't felt like this in ages.

Roll on 9.6 kilos... woohoooo

I am going to do this! With Crusher's help and her 6 week challenge I know I will be doing this. I must admit it hasn't been a full week yet but I am a little sick of the lunches but I am going to stick with this.

Debbie and I have two walks planned in the weekend.. I it is going to be so much fun. I am doing this guys!! I am pumped... and I know I keep telling you that but it is amazing to have this feeling but I feel like I have just started again and feeling like the world is my oyster.

I might update later with the rest of my day.

I hope you are all ok... ??

Love Chubbymum


celtic_girl said...

It is always a wonderful feeling when we acheive something we thought was impossible - well done.
Your enthusiasm is so infectious ait made me I re think the lunch I was about to eat and changed to the healther option. I can't wait to start back at the gym, as I've had a forced break now for 3 mths.

Debs said...

Great job CM, you shouldbe so proud. It's a brilliant achievement *hugs*

Kate said...

Well done!! That is just fantastic :-)

Helena said...

hi gorgeous, congrats on the running, do you find you are constantly watching the clock countdown so you know when you can stop running??????? LMAO thats cool!

Fortysumthing said...

I can't believe how well you are doing. You're absolutely amazing. I'm looking forward getting back to the gym next week and going hard uout.

I know what you mean about your hubby. I'm always worrying about mine. They always say "I'm okay" but if its us then they're 10 times worse. Have a great weekend and enjoy your walks.

JustJo said...

Congrats non the running Chick!! Feels great don't it?? Keep up the amazing work!! Jo :)

stephaniehinebrown said...

Well done for running on the treadmill. That is marely a dream of mine lol! Can't even imainge myself walking on one!!! Well, this WW thing hasn't been that difficult, but I am very tired. I haven't been this tired for a very long time. I'm pleased you seem to be getting through the terrible drama that was created with your friend. I just hate falling out with friends, the last time it happened to me I had to eat humble pie... LOL that is almost worse than the fall out. :) I am off now to sort some washing and get kids ready for halloween party theya re all going to tonight. Well Done again on your really fantastic work, you'll be a marathon runner before we know it :)

Karen said...

Wooohooo!!! Fantastic effort hun! That is amazing! I have vague recollection of running on the treadmill at the gym just prior to getting pregnant... and throughly loving it too! It sure is an amazing feeling!
Well done and hope you have a great weekend xx

fjdagg said...

great effort running wow u go girl. I am terrified walking on the treadmill and hold on very hard so will never be running not that I even want to
Enjoy the rest of your weekend