Saturday, 28 October 2006

Saturday practice for round the bridges


Got up had my god awful muesli (he he he just because after five days of the same food I am hating muesli now) and then took the boys into the library to choose some books. I love the library with the kids now as they can sit still and read and be good little angels where as about a year ago I could have strangled Quinn he he he he. I was sooo proud of them today just sitting there with their books and reading (well Quinny was looking at pictures but that is a form of reading) and Corbin is reading like 9 year old books (he is only 7)... they were little darlings.

I feel so peaceful in a library like there can be hardly any noise and people have to be quieter than they normally would be. It is so nice and it is like being in a candy store and you have to choose only a couple of things and don't hog at them all he he he.

Debbie texts me to say she had cut her hair and coloured it. I said to her take a picture and send it to me as she was soooooo excited about what it looked like. But she tried and she couldn't he he he so we met at my place and got to see the hair cut and colour and it looked fantastic.

What a change it was!! especially when I usually only see it up and since she cut it so it was just above her shoulders and the colour was a like a light light red with blond highlights it really suited her. We both commented how it was quite similar to mine... and I said "now we can say we are sisters and others won't know he he he he" as we are like only 2 kilos different from each other.

I would like to have my hair the same length as hers.... I used to have blond hair to the middle of my back when I first met hubby and married him and the day after we got married I chopped it off for a change he he he.. I would like to have it a little longer but hey that will be a while yet. I want to have more of a neck and shoulders to show it off with he he he he

Anyway so we took my hubby's car and went in to town where the race will start next weekend and we didn't stop chatting the whole way and it was both of us talking... we were like half way around the walk and I said to her Wow we have gone such a long way and I wouldn't have guessed it... it was amazing and I really enjoyed her company and we walked a similar speed (even though I was quite sore from the run on the treadmill yesterday he he GEE thanks Crusher).

It took us about an hour and a half to get around the walk and I don't think that is too bad for 6.3 km walk. The lake when I walk around here in Hamilton (3.8 kilometres by the council) takes around 50 minutes so we did the 6.3 in quite good time. I was really pleased....

I got to know Debbie so much more too and we talked about things like our Dad's dying etc and it got quite emotional but I think it was good that we finally could talk to someone else that understood.

We came back home and hubby made us chicken wraps with jalapeno hummus, lettuce, carrot, pickles, it was soo yummy.

After that we played PlayStation the star wars Lego one it was sooo cool... I felt like a kid again and Corbin was teaching Debbie how to use the controls and she was loving the killing of the robots he he he she was sooo funny.

We then sang sing star and we are like 20 points difference from each other... it was like we were sisters.. we like quite a lot of things the same. The other night when she came back for dinner we found out that we both love love love love love love (do you get the feeling that we love) pepper and garlic on things and lots of it... soooo funny. I have never met a person that likes it that much (especially pepper).

Unfortunately she had to rush off because she has a BBQ tonight (and when she was looking at the clock she thought it said 4.55 and said she had about fifteen minutes then she had to go home and get a shower and I said to her "Hun it is 5.55" OMG I have never seen someone jump so fast it was like watching the road runner he he he... she is too funny. The BBQ she was going to was her sister's wedding BBQ get together to sort things out for the wedding and she was late late late.

My thighs are in sooo much pain from the running yesterday but Debbie and I think we will go into the gym tomorrow morning and do it together.. she said she was a little nervous but hey we will be running (well jogging). I think I will start off with 10 minutes (1 minute jogging and 1 minute walking) and then take it in a week to 2 minutes of each and then change again or I will get bored I just know it.

Roll on for the weigh in on Tuesday. I have stuck to my food... I have been doing more exercise and stepping it up and it should show something if not I WILL SCREAM!!!!

Anyway I am exhausted.

Love ya all


fjdagg said...

great to hear u and Debbie have so much in common

Karen said...

Wooohooo!! You are on FIRE girl!!! Well done!