Tuesday, 27 December 2005

What a glorious day

Spent the night in our new tent and it was fantastic. It felt like we were a family and back to the basics.

The boys slept until 8am this morning and that is a miracle for them that is for sure.

Haven't been on my bike yet but we were thinking when the boys were in bed tonight we might go for an evening ride just me and hubby while mum looks after them.

Went to Centreplace today for lunch and I had sushi! It was really yummy and I got to be out with the family for lunch and I could still eat something with them and it wasn't bad.

Went to the Warehouse in town and got the boys some new shirts and shorts for summer as there were sales on. Also got a bike rack for up on the wall of the garage so that our big bikes weren't in the middle of the garage he he, and also brought the boys bells for their bikes as we had them and they didn't he he he. It feels really great to have bikes... riding as a family has ALWAYS ALWAYS been a dream of mine and I am finally feeling like I am getting to be the foxy mum for my kids to be proud of me.

I don't want to go backwards and not keep on losing this weight and I know it is hard work but I am not going to go back to feeling like I don't want to do anything or go anywhere because I am too tired it is so not worth it. It is going to take me 3 to 4 years to get there and I was working out how much it is going to cost me at WW and the gym but it is worth it in the end isn't it?? It will cost $882 dollars in WW fees a year that means it will be $3,528 for 4 years and then the gym for 4 years is $2,600 so all up it will be $6, 128. OUCH but it would be worth it to feel happier and healthier than I am now. Now that I have made myself depressed he he he. Well it is only 3 more years to go and I have been on it for a year already he he he so that is 1 less year woohooo.

I have to get back on this bike but the weather today was soooo hot!!! I wish it would get a little less hot before we go for a bike ride tonight as I want to do this today!!! I want to!!!

Anyway enough babbling for me. I hope everyone comes back to posting soon as I am getting restless.

Love ya all
Love Chubbymum


Helena said...

hi gorgeous congrats on the bikes! yippeeeeeeee how exciting for you all! Keep well away from adding up the money side of things in terms of your weightloss journey, after all ... how can you put a value on your own life? You are priceless.

Karen said...

Ditto to what Helena has just said hun! We are all priceless and you can not put a value on a life! Though I have been known to think the same thing but always come back to what Helena has said - we are ALL priceless hun!!!!

Shirley said...

Hey look at how much health care cost you would have saved from a healthier slimmier you :) I bet it is waaaayyyyyy more than 6128.