Saturday, 3 December 2005

Fast Fast Day

It was such a fast day today.

Went early to get groceries today Wohooo because I hate going when there is a lot of people.

Corbin decided to use the children's first cook book this morning for breakfast and read the recipe for pancakes. I was really proud of him. He is only 6 years old and is getting into cooking... woohooo for us so that we don't have to always cook he he he.

My mother in law came over and took the boys from 1pm till 5pm and that was a welcome break today. I wanted to get the Christmas tree and decorations up so I have attached a photo of the christmas tree... woohooo all done until I have to take the thing down.

Here is a photo of hubby dressing up for the Christmas party at the kids creche (my work as well he he).

Corbin said to me while I was out there taking photos "Mum why is Dad dressed up as Santa" (OMG at 6 years of age) I said to him "Don't tell the other kids because Dad is helping out Santa as he is really busy getting the toys etc ready for Christmas and your Dad is helping him out" He said "Ok mum I won't tell anyone" I think he was quite proud he he he.

When the boys got home today we had all their decorations and tree set up so they could do their own tree and put it in the playroom. I can't forget what Corbin's face was like when he came into the lounge and saw the christmas tree up and he was laughing like he was sooooo excited.

So below is the boys Xmas tree and they had so much fun doing it. I was also getting a little bit creative too with taking photos of our tree... I have put them in as well if you want to see.

He he he he I realllllly love my new camera. Now I have to find a photography class that I can take to learn heaps and heaps..

We are having a tree trimming get together with hubby's best man at our wedding and his family tomorrow. They have two kids and we are going to make biscuits for the xmas tree and decorate them as well. Then going to the christmas carols at night time. It is going to be fun. We haven't seen them in a while as we have all been really busy lately. So hopefully the day will be bright and shiny and we all have fun and the boys love their first christmas carol evening.

Ok... now for a confession. I have not been on plan and I have not been doing really well with the weight loss and still can't get back on track. I want to but I haven't sooooooooo I will just have to sort myself out. I am going back to the gym on Monday and my trainer is supposed to be ringing me to tell me a time to meet.

I am going to get myself into shape for the Relay for life if it kills me. I have already got 4 sponsors woohoooo. I want to make as much as I can for the cancer patients as it would be like doing it for my Dad... anyway I don't want to get soppy.

Back to it on Monday ladies!!! I will be back to it on Monday!!! Have to get my A into G.

Love Chubbymum


Anonymous said...

Would love contact you as you have once before previously left a message on my blog spot. Keep up the good work

Slim Suzy said...

Trees look great! So much fun. Good luck with getting back to your plan on Monday. You CAN do it!

Felicity said...

your photos r so pretty Your house must look really Christmassy now. We aren't going to bother...if I had my way I'd go to bed 23rd(no make it 22nd 23rd will be hellish at work) and wake again 10th January(my b/day 9th if I sleep thru it then it won't count hehehehe) Christmas in our family sadly was never a fun time.
I don't think I have your email address to send your sponsorship to.

Karen said...

Wow love the pics hun! The boys did a great job with their tree too in the playroom - what a great idea of them having their own one! Hope today goes well with the tree trimming and the carols etc!
And YES you CAN get back on the wagon! And we are all here to help you aboard if necessary... :)

Leighanne said...

The tree's look great - the boys are going to do ours today, I might post the pic on my blog too!

I think cause things are getting rushed that it is hard to stay on the wagon..but we can do it!!