Thursday, 29 December 2005

I am addicted

I am back to being addicted to posting again he he he. Must be this time of the year.

Went for that bike ride last night he he he. It was pouring down with rain... I was so wet he he he he he and I really loved it. On the way home we went down Kris's street to go visit and see if she wanted to ride in the rain with us but got to her house and saw a car out front and though OH well she must have visitors and turned back around and kept biking. It was great to go for a ride without the kids but I didn't realise how many muscles you actually use when riding a REAL bike and not one at the gym. It is so much harder to ride a real bike as there are different circumstances. Plus if you ride a bike at the gym you can get off when you have had enough and do something else but with a real bike you have to keep going until you get home he he he.

Today was all planned. We got up early and went downstairs to get everything ready for our trip over to Waihi to check out some of the camping grounds and to go to the beach. It is about a 1 to 2 hour drive and we packed a lunch and got our togs together and towels and then the bloody phone went. I wish I hadn' t picked up the phone that is for sure. It was hubby's work saying that the servers were down and so he had to go into work so he finally got home now... so that was our day gone. I was so mad about it because we were all looking forward to it. So I made a compromise with the kids and said that we would go tomorrow but tonight after dropping off mum at Bingo we would go to the swimming pools and take our dinner there and have some fun and they were happy with that.

We got a gas bbq (little round one) for our camping trips today at the Warehouse so I am happy that we have got that now. We can cook food while camping.... got some more plastic cups and plates (reusable ones) and I think we are mostly sorted for our camping trip Waitangi weekend.

Hubby's boss thought he was back at work today but it isn't till next week and he phoned to apologise for breaking up our holiday that he told hubby that he could have a full day off when he liked to replace the couple of hours he had to go and fix the problem. So that was nice so we are going to use that for the Waitangi weekend holiday woohooo. I cannot wait I can tell you. By then hopefully I would have lost more weight and feel more comfortable too so woohoooo!!! Maybe I could get to my 30 kilos hmmmm I might be pushing it he he but I can try aye.

I wish this weather would make up it's mind. This morning it was brilliant sunshine and then an hour ago it was pouring down with rain and now it is sunshine again... GEEESHHH. Glad that we didn't go camping this week. Maybe in February the weather will be better but not too stinking hot hopefully he he

Anyway I will post more later but had to post something as I am addicted or bored hmmm not too sure which one.

Love ya all

Posting More he he he

OH MY GOD how exhilerated am I!!! We went for another family bike ride!! ADDICTED ADDICTED ADDICTED. We went from our place to Chartwell and then around the board walk and back home. Started out at 1.30 and got back at 4.10 it was the most fun I have had in ages. We went and got a bike pump and we got some water and an icecream (99% fat free for me he he) and rode back..... it was exhausting with the kids but the boys did so well especially my 4 year old as he is a little slow on his bike with trainer wheels but he enjoyed himself so much and there were hills galore with the board walk and then came back and they still wanted to go out for more. Convinced the oldest that the playstation came would be cool and the other little one is looking at books. I need time to relax. Hubby made me a gin and tonic (oops) he he he and relaxed am I he he.... realllllllllllllllllllllly relaxed as I don't drink that much anymore that it goes straight to my ankles and head he he.

Tonight we are going to the pools to take the boys and there is more exercise for me he he! Thought since we didn't manage to go to the beach today that we would go to the pools tonight and have dinner there too!!! Woohooo for us.

I have been wanting to do so much with the boys lately and last year I would have stayed home and let them do the bike ride and the pools with hubby but NO NO NO NO I am not going to do that anymore!!! PHEWEY to staying at home and they have all the fun. I am still 130 kilos but I am not going to let it waste me away anymore.

So there is my tipsy entry add on for tonight... everyone have a good one.

Love CM

Me AGAIN (laughing hesterically he he)... went to the pools tonight as well and had a really fun time. I am still nervous getting in the pool worrying about what other people think. I know I shouldn't worry about what other people think but I do. But I did it!! I got in and I had fun with my 3 boys and it was fantastic. We got there at 6.15 had dinner and then went swimming until 8pm. The boys loved it the daddy loved it he he he and so did I. I put my arms on the side of the pool and kicked my legs for about 20 minutes it was a great work out that is for sure. Now sitting at home boys in bed and having a cup of hot chocolate and chilling. he he he I promise I won't update again he he.

Love CM


Leighanne said...

Glad to hear that you are enjoying riding!! It's a shame the weather is no so good! You should come back to melb - it's been lovely over here:)

Karen said...

Woooohooooo!!! You certainly are addicted (to biking and updating LOL)hun but good for you!!!
I thought I had done well with the biking today but you have outdone me by miles!!!! Well done - I am so proud of you *hugs*
Great for you for getting in the pool and relaxing and having even more fun!

Love ya xx

Kate said...

I love posts like this from you!! You sound so happy and full of life - I wished you sounded like this everyday :-) It's great!! Yay for all your bike riding, and isn't it fantastic how much you are loving it? And WELL DONE on getting into that pool and enjoying it!! It's so bloody scary - I haven't been in a pool for sooo long. I'm just going to have to get as brave as you I think!

fattyboombastic said...

Hey there CM!!! Its so good to see you again. I like the attitude girl, WOOO HOO!!! I envy your bike riding man, I wish I could do the same too.. once I get a bike that is! hehehe! Glad you got to get into the pool and taste that water. I use to feel embarassed myself and worried what others thought but now I don't care and I will swim most days of the week lol.. Will consider buying me a bike now after reading your blog.. lol You take care sissy and much love to your and your fam in the New Year!! Love FBB :)

Brelle said...

I really feel 2006 is going to be an awesome year for you....some days I would love the energy you have :O)

Glad to see you on your bike :O)