Wednesday, 7 December 2005


Thank you for your wonderful comments on my out burst in last nights post. I have taken in all of your comments and I was really touched that you cared!

I couldn't get myself up and going and I felt like I had lost it forever. I was sick of hearing everyone else had their mojo and I had lost mine. I wasn't upset that they had gotten theirs if you know what I mean just that I couldn't find mine.

OMG I was starting to think that life just couldn't get back to normal.

Did I tell you that I saw my Personal Trainer (Liz) on Monday and had a really big heart to heart about what I was thinking.

So she made another appointment with me for today (which was supposed to be only 1/2 and hour) but turned out to be an hour. She worked me so hard and got me on the new treadmills......OMG they look like something out of the space age he he he. She went through a LOT of arm exercises and asked me what I wanted to achieve.

I told her I want to get back to ME. That I am bored with my exercise. She asked me what I wanted to achieve. I said I wanted to work on my upper arms my thighs and of course my tummy. I said I know that the cardio is going to get rid of the tummy etc but I don't want to do just cardio as I dont feel I am achieving and so she showed me some new exercises on the swiss ball with weights and made me really work out for an hour.

I enjoyed it so much. I ENJOYED IT SOOOO MUCH. I have been considering having a session with her every month so that I can feel revived like that again. Talked to hubby and if I achieve weight loss in the next month then I can book with her for the next month so that it keeps me motivated so that I can have sessions with Liz.

So anyway I felt good after that session at 3.30 this afternoon then..... Kris asked me to go tonight at 6pm for a workout ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH am I a sucker or what??? I went and we did a kickboxing class. It hurt... it hurts....arghhhh I am so sore I am scared to move my eyelids he he he.

So now I am sitting here so sore and thinking... I don't know where I would be now without the support you all give me. I rant and rave and moan and bitch but you always come back and you are always supportive.

Thanks Kris for phoning me every single Tuesday night to see how I went with Weight Watchers and for being there tonight to get me back on things.

I have a certain couple of friends that I feel just bring me down and are always negative and NEVER listen here in my town (not you Kris) and I have to think if I want to have them in my life anymore. My husband says that I seem to attract people with problems or people that tell me how I should feel and never ever listen to a word I say, and that I should be thinking about me and not what everyone else says. I agree with him! I am not going to let these people rule me anymore... I am just not.

I feel exhausted but exhilarated at the same time tonight. I honestly thought it was going to take weeks for me to get this feeling back.

I overdid the exercise and I know that but for me to get my mojo back I DON'T CARE he he

I forgot to mention last night that my mum brought hubby and I a George Forman grill and for the last two nights we have had dinner made on it OMG soooooo fast and sooooo yummy. I just can't get enough he he

OK... going to have a long bath now he he he


Love Chubbymum


Helena said...

Hi gorgeous, you are adorable! You so deserve to achieve your goals, commit to you and go for gold! Hang in there buddy, you know you are worth it! *hugs*

M said...

This is going to sound weird - but here goes. When I first visited a spiritual healer (and I have been back many times now) she said that due to my caring and nurturing nature I will always attract people who have problems, or negativity in their life. When I am involved with these people it is my nature to want to take their huts, their anger, their negativity, and bring it on myself so that they feel better. This is not good. I have now learned to say that I no longer do that. Each person has to deal with their own issues and resolve them for them to heal. We can't do it for them. As much as we would like to.

Sorry if it all sounds a bit mumbo-jumbo but actually saying outloud that you give everyone back their own problems, and hurts, and issues (with love) for them to heal themselves could relieve a lot of the tension you have been feeling.

More hugs for you CM. Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow :D

fattyboombastic said...

Hi there sissy, glad you are back on your feet now and working it extremely hard. You go girl!! Keep it up and you will get there in no time! Go hard and don't give up! :) *hugs*

Jodie said...

I'm so glad that you are finally starting to feel like you want. I think those PT sessions are definatley worth every cent if it makes you feel that good about yourself and gets you back in your zone. Well done!!

I agree with hubby. You need to look at what will help you through this. Those who will not support and help you just don't deserve your friendship. Take care. XX

Anne said...

Hi - so please to see you feeling better and that your mojo returned!! Great to have a change in your routine at the gym - they sound really great there. (Love the Swiss ball) - good luck and long may the mojo last!

Brelle said...

Good for you CM :O)

You are such an inspiration.....everything you need for this weight loss journey is inside of you, you just have to find it :O)

Btw...could you please reframe from showing beautiful short bread biscuits on your page.....i was drooling over them.

I loved the photo of the boys with Santa....just beautiful :O)