Sunday, 4 December 2005

Tree Trimming

It was our tree trimming today with friends. We were supposed to do this last year but it didn't happen. So it was time to sort it out he he he he......

The morning started off today with a great day sitting on the porch outside under the umbrella reading my book that I brought from Melbourne called When in Rome by Penelope Green. I don't know if I have mentioned in here before but my dream place to visit is Venice (Italy) I want to go to Italy in general... the culture the food the atmosphere just makes the hair on my skin stand up. I love reading about Italy and getting in to the whole feeling... it is hard to explain on here but reading this book brings the same feelings back.

Anywayyyyyyy my three wonderful boys decided that they would read their books out with me too...he he he Quinn(4 year old) decided that he would go and get one of my other books and pretend to read it and Corbin (6 year old) was reading (lips moving he he he) to one of his own books and hubby was reading the Listener it was bliss and they were quiet.

My friends turned up 11.30 and we got in to having lunch and then cut out the biscuits as you can see in the pictures below.

Now the biscuits you see here.... are not the only ones there is about 4 more trays after these he he he. They took half home with them and we kept half it was fantastic to get together with all the kids and us parents.

After we did the biscuits we went and had photos done with Santa and the boys weren't worried about him at all and sat on his knee and told him what they wanted for Xmas. It was really good to see them so happy and relaxed around Santa.... because some of the kids before us were frightened of him he he

Then after all that he he we went to the Salvation Army Christmas Carols at the Hamilton Garden lake it was a really great time and the boys loved the singing. I also took a photo there he he... OMG I know I am addicted to this camera he he.

Anyway gotta go... hubby is complaining that I have been on here too long.. I will put some photos on here of the concert tomorrow.... it is 10.45 and he wants me to pack up and go to bed he he he

Love Chubbymum


Janine said...

Those biscuits look, you certainly are one creative woman!

It soudns like you had a fabulous morning with the "boys" sitting out reading and relaxing.

Good for you Chubbymum!!

Queen said...

Your biscuits [cookies] look marvelous! Yum. Who's going to hang them? I'm going to eat them. Thank goodness they're at YOUR house!

The boys look wonderful w/Santa!! It's funny to see them in shorts. Here in the States, it's sweaters and pants. Amazing! I think it's great that you let them decorate their own tree. Very independent!

Sue said...

What a lovely tradition to start, making your Christmas bikkies!

M said...

I think this is a great tradition. A very family oriented one. Can I have your recipe please (if it is not a family secret) as my attempts in the past have been less than successful. Or should I say burnt out bits of crumbly cardboard LOL.

They look fabulous. And so do your boys in their photo. Just lovely.

Have a great day CM :D

Emily said...

Yum yum, look at those biscuits!!! Send me a couple, ha ha.

Your boys look so cute with Santa, christmas must just be sooo exciting for kids. I'm glad to see you getting into the Xmas Spirit as well.

Helena said...

Those biscuits look far to good to eat! Nice work!

Felicity said...

Christmas in your house must be just so much fun. Can I come to your place hehehe