Tuesday, 27 December 2005

second post today

Second post today.

Thought I would tell you what just happened.

We had a knock at the door!!!!

Anyway here is the story first..... 2 weeks ago a parcel came to our door addressed to someone else... it looked like a christmas present and it wasn't supposed to be for us so there was a phone number on the back of it and I phoned it and said that they had the number wrong and would they tell me the right address and I would send it there. They lady seemed really happy that I had phoned. So I took the present up to the house up the street.

The next day the people up the road came down and said thank you. I said it wasn't that much trouble. I would hope someone would do it for me one day.

Well tonight there was a knock on the door. The people up the road brought a bottle of wine and a card to me. This is what it said "Thank you so much for going to the trouble of phoning me, to inform me that I had put the wrong number on my parcel. There are not many people that would of gone to theis trouble"

OMG I had tears coming down my face because it was so thoughtful and I had never in my wildest dreams thought that she would do that.

Thought I would share that with you all. There are some really nice people in this world. I didn't expect that she would send a present in my wildest dreams as it was just a walk up the street to deliver not that it was out of my way ya know.

So there you are some nice people in this world.

Anyway as this is he second post for tonight I will get going he he he

Love CM


^anonymous^ said...

well,i've read some of ur posts,u're very determined type of person. keep up the positive strength..=)

A Girl Running said...

aww isn't that lovely. They are right though. My mother sent xmas present to my children 3 years ago when I first moved and accidently put the wrong house number on the parcels. The people in that house said they never got them and the presents never arrived

Helena said...

what goes around comes around, one good turn deserve another etc etc ... good for you!