Tuesday, 20 December 2005


Today was a fantastic day!

Ok yep I have not said that in such a long time but it was a really fast day and spent toooooo much money.

Went to the gym for the bling bling final class and it was the best workout I have done in my whole time at the gym.

Everyone came dressed up with bling bling. The four trainers took the class took the class together... it was fantastic. The only guy trainer came dressed up in a Santa outfit and his partner who is another trainer came in her PJ's it was so funny. I really can't understand how he managed to do the class being so hot etc and sweating like a pig but hey. I sweated so much in this class that my whole head of hair was soaking wet! I have never never never ever had my hair that wet before in a class. I pushed myself to the limit and felt really good about it! It felt like I was finally doing this! I was finally feeling like an exercise machine he he he.

OOps before the class Kris and I gave our three trainers that we get on with a bottle of wine each and some shortbread biscuits... like Kris I love giving presents even more than receiving presents.

So that wasn't it with the day. I was so exhausted I went up and had a shower when I got home and rested on the bed to read a book until my mum woke up so we could go shopping and I fell asleep! he he he I have never in my entire life slept like that during the day unless I wasn't feeling well as I always feel like I am sleeping my life away. So I slept from 11am till 2pm and then got ready to pick up Corbin from school. While I was at school picking him up I got talking to Oliver's mum and dad and they were saying that they were going camping and we were having so much fun talking and I told them about the fact that this afternoon we were going to buy our tent and it was the same one as theirs they were saying. Oliver's mum said that she can never find anyone to come camping with them as her friends don't like camping so we are going to organise to go camping together with two families soon. Wow that would be so cool. I have always wanted to do the family camping stuff.

So mum, corbin and I went to get our tent. It fits 14 people apparently ha ha ha ha... three bedrooms and an awning. We brought stretcher beds for the two boys and a queen air bed on legs for us. It was fantastic!!! I felt like finally we are going to go on a holiday.

We got a huge (I MEAN HUGE) ham with buying the tent as well and so now we have 2 huge hams for xmas OMG... so many ham sammies for us now he he he.

Then when we finally got home I had to go into Weight Watchers. I had geared myself up for a big huge gain because I had so many Xmas parties this week and also had been upset with my little loss last week that I didn't have my heart in it. BUT>>>>>>>>>>>> I lost 1.1 kilos CAN YOU BELIEVE IT... I MEAN CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!! I didn't try this week and I lost... I really tried and I didn't lose that much... yes I know it could mean that I am two weeks off with everything but hey... I have 1.1 to go until I reach the 120's

Wohooo 120's, 120's, 120's Wohooooo

So when I reach 110's then that is when I will get my bicycle!! Come on bicycle come on come on!!!

Then it will be 30 kilos before I get to under 100's!!!! OMG it cannot come fast enough to be able to fit in smaller clothes.

So yes today was fantastic.!!!!

Love CM

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Sandra said...

Congrats on the loss. You're still gunning for it and it is so impressive.
Have a fabulous Xmas. Perhaps you should save one of the hams for a New Years eve/day feast?
Good luck for 2006 - I am certain it will be a positive one for you - with a sleeker mum emerging.