Sunday, 18 December 2005

Christmas break

I have been thinking over the last week of having a break from my diary over Christmas but I sat back thinking.... why? Christmas is only supposed to be one day!! I keep telling myself that but I am not listening to it.

I was soooo upset with all the work I had done last week and only losing 100 grams and then I blew it this week and I am a complete and utter NONG because if I would have kept on going the way I was going then I would lose weight this Tuesday coming. I didn't want to go to my last weigh in a gain weight.

I have had a couple of new people posting comments and it made me realise yes I am doing this for myself but there are people out there that want to read my diary to keep them motivated too... like I wanted when I first started and I was reading Karen's and Leenie's and the motivation they gave me was fantastic.

Thank you to the new comers for reading. I urge you to take the plunge and start writing your own diary it is a help!! The friends you make are fantastic!!

I have 57 kilos more to lose and so I better get myself back on track!

I do think that I am going to wade out the christmas period and on the 26th of December I am starting again. I am sick of fighting through the christmas dinners etc with worry so I am going to relax BUT not too much just not going to worry about the weight.

To tell you the truth after 11 months of being on a diet I am just needing a little break!

Did the grocery shopping today and went for a lovely walk around the block (about 35 minutes) tonight with hubby and it was exhilerating because we got to do exercise together and got to talk as well. We are going to try and do that every night since my mum is there to look after the boys when they go to sleep. Woohooo that is definatly a postive for having your mother living with you he he.

I have been trying to read my magazines for so so long... well actually catch up with all my magazine I brought but haven't had the time to read with the kids he he.

We wrapped all our presents last night and I started at 7.30 and was still going at 12.15 OMG OMG I hate wrapping presents with such a passion. But at least it is finished now and there is no more of it he he he.

Went out on Friday night with my work mates for a farewell of one of my bosses as they sold the business but one of them is staying on as Manager. It was a great night we started off at 5.30 and then around 10.30 I had to go and get my mum from Bingo and then picked up the hubby and went back out to the work get together as there was a band there and we just danced and danced and danced until 2am... it was fantastic.

Me and one of the girls were dancing with my hubby and he decided to go to the loo and while he was gone these three guys came and started dancing with us. It is true I reakon... that guys dance with girls that seem to be enjoying themselves so much.

I was so enjoying the dancing it has been 2 times in one week that I have been out to a function dancing and enjoyed myself totally. I wouldn't mind going to a dance class and learning salsa or ceroc dancing... I reakon that would be so much fun.

My boss (the one that is staying as manager) asked me out to her place for Christmas Eve to a party she is having... OMG I felt so priviledged because she is a party girl and she must like me or she wouldn't have invited me. She didn't invite all the girls that work with us, so that made me feel really good. Plus one of the ladies I go out with on Monday night was there as a parent to this work farewell and she has invited me and hubby to her place for New Year's eve and we accepted as they only live down the road and it would be fantastic to get together with some new people.

Friday night made me realise that hubby and I should get out more often and enjoy things. We tend to stay home at night or work and we have to get out and enjoy each others company more often and with other parents too.

Anyway I am gone for now.. Check ya later


Kate said...

You know CM, your self confidence has come a long way since I first started reading your journal. You have changed, and grown emotionally, shrunk physically! I hope that the year ahead brings you even more of that!

I wonder if you break down your weight loss into smaller chunks if it might help i.e. you've lost 21 kgs this year which is fantastic!! So instead of putting immense pressure on yourself to lose the rest next year, why don't you aim to just beat this year by one kilo or something? So aim to lose 22 kgs... and then if you lose more you'll be estatic! Just an idea, of course.

Hope you have a great week leading up to christmas, and don't you dare take a blog break! :-) Our numbers and dwindling as it is!!


Jodie said...

Getting out walking with hubby is fantastic. I love going out with mine. It really gives us quality time to talk about things. It also doesn't really feel like exercise when your walking and chatting away!! XX

A Girl Running said...

Wow, you sound so busy and all those presents!

I am not blogging till after chrissie so have a great day and looking forward to reading more about your journey in 2006