Tuesday, 13 December 2005

Haven't posted - tut tut tut me

I haven't posted in a couple of days because of Xmas things and also food poisoning.

Went out to my Xmas party for work on Saturday night and it was a FANTASTIC night. I danced so much that I felt like a tap he he he sweating it off but it was fantastic to dance and get the exercise. I have exercised..... Last Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday and today... so I feel like I have been good. I can't say I have pointed but I haven't had anything that I wouldn't be proud of that is for sure.

Did a class with Kris today at the gym. We don't usually do a Tuesday class but it was fun. I went on the bike for 20 minutes and then Kris said let's do the class.... so we did. I really enjoyed the class but for some reason I just couldn't stop laughing. It hurt he he he and there were more in the class that you had to think about with co-ordination etc but I REALLY enjoyed it and felt like I was really doing well.

My thighs and tummy are sore because of all the sit ups and leg lifts etc ARGGGHHH but it was sooo cool.

Got food posioning from the food on Saturday night and so did 7 other work mates grrrr but when we had phoned them to tell them they were excellent they bagged up all the food and called the Health Dept themselves and said that if any of us have to go to the doctors they will pay for it and assured us that they would never let that happen again. So I was really proud that a business was really sorting it out instead of sweeping it under the carpet... I will go back there again because they are a really reputable company and the food that we think that was off was sourced from outside and not cooked there so that is good.

I went to the gym on Sunday and on Monday even though my tummy was SOOO not right. I was not going to let it beat me. I have finally gotten my mojo back and it was not going to make me go off the rails again.

I have had my brother in law here for the weekend because he has just gotten out of hospital after his motor bike accident.

It is nice that he feels comfortable to come and stay with us when he needs help but OMG it is exhausting..... and only because he can't do anything for himself and also we are feeding him as well... now I know I am going to sound like a mean bitch but he is the sort of person that sponge's a lot and doesn't offer and with the fact that I am not getting paid for a month at work around Christmas (because I don't have holiday's and the new bosses are paying fortnightly now instead of weekly) that having to feed another mouth is really putting a tole on us at the moment. It feels like I am running around after him and my mother and my boys as well and I feel totally exhausted.

Going to my weigh in tonight and I am nervous about it. I just want to make it under the 130's... and I am yoyoing so much it is frustrating me. I have 2.3 to go now..... OHHHHH I wish there was a magic pill to help me and I know realistically there isn't a magic pill but it is frustrating and I know that you all know how I am feeling...

Pray for me!!!

Afterwards I am going out with my son's school mum's (Kris is coming too wohooo) and so I won't be updating until quite late on the result OMG OMG

I hope I lose!!

Love ya all


Karen said...

Sending ya lots of positive vibes for tonight hun! Am sure you will do well. Bugger about the food poisioning but well done to the restaraunt for prompt fast action!

fattyboombastic said...

Hey there CM, I quite like it when I see you all happy like this, kinda makes me feel the same way too. I am so looking forward to your results, I know you done pretty well with all your work outs.. you go girl!!

Leighanne said...

Hope you are feeling much better!!
It is such a busy time of the year! Hope weigh in went well:)

Jodie said...

So sorry to hear you weren't feeling too well. It's good to see people taking responsibility for things these days. So often it's not done like that. Just think of the weight your would have lost thanks to them!! Have a great week and I'm glad you back into your exercise full swing!! XX

molly said...

Hi there

I also live in Hamilton & go to WW meetings in the city. You are such an encouragement with the amount of weight you have lost & your bravery for stepping out & sharing your journey. Looking at what you achieved so far has made me feel that going from 117 to 62 kgs is possible. Thanks so much & keep on keeping on!!