Tuesday, 27 December 2005

Christmas Break

Wow what a fast couple of days this has been.

Christmas day was really good. My little boys loved it and loved their scooters and all the presents they got. I can't believe how many they got. Since we brought the 3 bedroom tent for Xmas we didn't really get much for each other except I brought hubby two shirts and he brought me (laughing while I say this) a Karoke DVD and a microphone he he he I was laughing so much and later on when we tried to make it work the microphone wouldn't work on any of the DVD's or video players grrrrr so hubby thinks that it is a dud ohhhh well.

I have a little moan about Xmas. Brother in law came over with hubbys mum and I was a little worried it was going to be like all the other christmas days where hubby, my mum and I end up doing all the work and they sit on their backsides and then after lunch go to sleep while we tidy up.... I would not have been happy at all if that happened that is for sure but it didn't so that was nice. But my brother in law didn't bring any presents what so ever!!! NONE. Hubby said 2 weeks ago that he would go out and get the presents for him and he said no he would get them later and so did his mother ask him and no he said he would manage later but NO he didn't... I was quite annoyed really. I don't mind that he didn't get us anything but he didn't get anything for the kids (he has got money he said he had a few thousand in the bank so it wasn't like he couldn't afford it) I always knew he was cheap but didn't think he was that cheap until xmas day that is for sure.

Got addicted to the game sudoku too OMG I am not usually a puzzle person but learnt how to play it on Xmas day and that was the end of that he he he.

Got up at 9.30am this morning and the boys got up at 8.45 it was great that they slept in for a change we realllllllly needed it.

Had a huge talk with hubby about the bike thing. My mother in law brought us all a helmet for xmas so we decided with boxing day sales it would be good to go and check out how much they are. So we went to KMart to see what we would see (without the kids he he he) WoW the amount of people out and we FOUND THE BIKES WE FOUND THEM WE FOUND THEM and brought TWO he he he he.

I know, I know, I know I said I wasn't going to get our bikes until I had lost 20 kilos more... I think I was saying that because I was scared I was going to break the damn thing if I got on it. I am so fearful of my weight making me look like an elephant that I have been putting it off. I mean you don't often see big people on bikes and I don't want to be harrassed by hoodlems while driving past as it is a huge fear of mine.

There was so many people there that trying to get a price for hubby's bike was a nightmare and so when we finally got up to the checkout they said how much were we told and I said I wasn't sure even though I thought the guy said around $250 and their records said it could be $299 and then the supervisor came over and put in $220 ARGGHHHH I couldn't believe it.. $70 cheaper. I think with the huge line behind us they just didn't have the time to look he he he so we got it extra cheaper he he he.

So when we got back with out bikes hubby put mine together. We set up the kids and went for a bike ride to get milk from the dairy and thought we would go and visit Kris on the way home. On the way to the dairy I had to stop for our 4 year old and I found that I was smiling so hard my cheeks were sore he he he and when I looked up at this four wheel drive that was going past there was a woman waving like anything. It was one of the ladies from Weight Watchers (she is bigger than me and a couple of weeks ago asked how I had lost 20 kilos etc and I think with me being big as well it gave her hope or something). So with her waving her hubby was looking at her as if to say "what on earth are you doing?" as she was laughing (in a nice way).

We went to Kris's place and I think maybe it might have been me, but she wasn't her normal self when we visited.... it felt like we had interrupted something so we stayed for a little while and then rode back home.

Boy was my backside sore when I got back he he he.

We got back home and put up the tent in the back yard and organised the BBQ and started the brazier. Hubby's mum phoned and said since we didn't eat the dessert on Xmas day that they were coming over to have dessert with us he he he. So I said we were camping and if she wanted she could come over for left overs on the BBQ and Corbin phoned her back and said bring some marshmellows so we could roast them on the BBQ. The funny thing was was that she had never ever done that before. She had never had marshmellows on the BBQ he he he.

Anyway hubby and I were up in front of the brazier for a couple of hours chatting and then we went to bed (in the tent with the kids too he he he). It really felt like we were camping he he he.

I am going to do this for me! I was in tears in the car yesterday when my hubby said "You know I am very proud of what you have achieved this year with your weight loss" OMG I have been wanting to hear someone say that to me and I just couldn't hold back the tears because deep down I am proud of myself too. I know that I haven't lost as much as I wanted to this year when I started out but I LOST 22 kilos!! I lost it and nothing will beat that! So here I go for another 22 kilos in 2006. If I aim for the same amount then hey I know I can achieve it if I achieved it this year.

I hope you are all having a great Xmas! I am back on routine now! A new year is ahead of me! And nothing is going to stop me.

Love ya all


Kate said...

Sounds like you had a lovely christmas, and your tent sounds really cool. Are you guys going away camping? Enjoy the break away from work! And yay for getting your bikes!

Janine said...

I am so pleased youhave had a fantastic Christmas. The camping sounds so fun, and good on you for getting your bike!!!

Karen said...

Yay for getting your bike and I am sure you will love every minute of it once your backside gets used to it! You should check out the option of getting a ladies gel seat for your one appareantly they are so much better and so much more comfortable too!
Am pleased you had a great Christmas - sounds like it was lots of fun too!

Felicity said...

CM I am so pleased to read your post...I was smiling and tears flowing also. So thrilled for u that u got your bike. Just as a thing I have noticed when biking that even a slight breeze helps cool ya down...where as when walking in the heat ya melt biking it is very pleasant. You sound like u have had a lovley Christmas my friend. Think maybe I should spend next Christmas with my cyber family and would be much more happier.

Kris said...

It wasn't you it was nice to have you guys visit. I was just nervous about my MIL coming to visit and didn't have any alcohol in the house but I did remedy that after you left. I went out with Jason and the girls and I got some alcohol lol.