Wednesday, 28 December 2005

Slow time of the year

It is such a pity that this time of the year is the time that we are waiting it to hurry up so that the new year can begin. I heard that in KT's post today.... I tend to agree with her we are in such a hurry to make the new year come that this time of the year is a time to relax and enjoy the time we have and the fact that maybe this (for me) is a time to just be and not worry about food or exercise or food or food etc...

So that is what I am doing until the 1st of January and then I am back on it full force. I am going to enjoy my time with the kids and I am not going to fear about food or exercise and if I do it then I do it and if I don't then I don't.

But OMG on the 1st of January 2006 it is on to it full force.

I wasn't feeling that good today. I woke up ok and slept ok in the tent but maybe I didn't have a deep sleep??? not sure but after having breakfast and a shower I felt so hot and my headache was back again. I have been drinking enough water etc that is for sure and so today was going to be a day just to do a little bit and not a lot. We cleaned the garage of boxes and stuff that we could take to the tip and then went to the Warehouse to get a bigger seat for my bike and OMG when we got it on we went for a ride and it was FANBLOODYFANTASTIC feeling that is for sure. The seat is so much better and not hurting me anymore. We went half way around the block and it poured down with rain he he he so I told hubby to go off with Corbin and get out of the rain and I stayed with Quinn until we got home. OMG if I was any wetter I would be sinking he he he he.

It wasn't that much exercise as I had to go Quinn's speed but I got out and that is an exhilerating experience for me as I have always been too scared to get on a bike as I am big.

I have to get into the 120's in the next month... I have to!! I am 131.6 kilos at the moment and I am yoyoing so much and I have had enough of it.

WILL THIS RAIN NEVER END? I want to go for a bike ride with hubby but I don't have a rain coat to wear to go biking with he he. Maybe that is the next challenge for me? To find a rain coat that fits to go bike riding with? Do they make them in my size? hmmm

Anyway have a good night everyone.

Love Chubbymum


Felicity said...

biking in the rain is lovely. I got a great shower jacket that is good for the bike from Fashion Factory...not sure if they still have them but u could check out there website. You are doing great.

fitcat said...


That's great about the bike! You've made me want to go and dust the cobwebs off my one now. :)

Sounds like you had a really nice Christmas. I completely agree with you about just kicking back and enjoying the few days between Christmas and New Year's. I hope you keep making the most of it.

- fitcat

Hippygal said...

You should be in Tauranga no rain here today :):).

Have a great new year.

Cheers Jaxx :)

Helena said...

Wasnt raining here in Welly either :p teehee