Thursday, 15 December 2005

Slack on the posting

I have been really slack with posting lately and I think that is because I have been so busy with work and the kids and christmas functions.

I lost 100grams on Tuesday and needless to say I was reallllly dissapointed. I really tried hard and went to the gym seven times and really tried with the food. I know all the muscle things and that it will show up next week PHEWWWWYYYY.

I was so angry that I went home and had a heart to heart with hubby then went out to get Kris for a night out that the school mums organised.

Poor Kris... she got in the car and I said "right now (with a smile on my face) I don't don't want to talk about pointing or Weight Watchers or anything related tonight" she just looked at me he he and she didn't get the point he he he so asked me what was up and then I burst out in tears before going in for the get together and felt really bad because I just was so upset and angry and to tell you the truth in the last couple of weeks getting tired of thinking of only food and diet's and I just want to be able to have time with friends and family and not constantly talk about being good or on the diet... So sorry Kris for being a slobbering mess on ya and thanks for listening.

I have asked Kris if when we are at the gym etc that we could talk about other things as it is getting me quite upset.

I am really proud of Kris and really happy for her as she has got herself back on track and almost to her 30 kilos but I feel upset about it all.

It isn't because I am upset with her because she deserves the losses etc as she is working hard, but because I was on a good winning streak with loosing weight and it was nice for a change that we were close in something.

(Let me explain) I think because she is 30 kilos lighter than me having the fact that we had both lost the same amount comforting ya know.... like I wasn't a big blimp after all or something and it has made my thinking change since there is a big gap between us now (because Kris has been reallly working her butt off.

I have been trying my hardest to think of a way to say this online because she reads my journal without it somehow coming out the wrong way and so I have finally realised that this journal is my journal and I have to write what I am thinking down no matter what or it isn't benefitting me and this journal is supposed to be for me.

I have to make it clear I am not a bitch and I am really happy for my friend but deep down I am feeling angry with myself for not keeping myself on track and not doing what I know is right.

I started tracking in the new Weight Watchers tracking book today and it is going to work!! It is going to work.. I know that I shouldn't be hard on myself as I have lost 100grams but I wanted to lose a kilo!!

I want to get under the 130's I want to be in the 120's....

I want to be in the 120's... please help me everyone!!! I need so much support lately.... I know I have been slack in the support for you guys and I promise after the holiday's I am going to get you guys and I am going to kick your backsides until you lose the weight. He He He.

Anyway enough rambling for me...

Love ya all


Helena said...

yep mate this blog is about you and you only ... I have no expectations of you, you dont have to answer to me ... so your ramblings are exactly that, thats why I dont comment often, its not because I dont read, its because I dont have a right to intrude in your thoughts ... but you know you only have to ask and I'll give you any support you need ... GOOD STUFF on being you :)

Karen said...

ditto to what Helena says hun - I often read peoples journals and think they are just expressing how they are feeling as that is what their journal is for... but am always here for ya! Lets make a pact to support each other in the New Year and to kick each others arse when we start slacking!
Take care xx

kathrynoh said...

I'm sure you'll get into the 120s (and beyond) because you want it so much. Remember most people gain at this time of year so even a small loss is better than that.

I seem to find some weights just want to stick around for too long! Like I'll find it really hard to lose for a few weeks then I'll have a breakthrough and be off and away again.

And just think, it's far better that you brokedown and got all emotional about your disappointment than going home and stuffing your face. It's the things like that which make all the difference in the end.

Jodie said...

Focus on the positive feelings you have had over the past week getting back into the exercise swing. You know that what you are doing is worthwhile and you've got to feel better for the weight you have already lost. Nothing feels better than being slimmer. Have you got the new program from WW yet? It might be just what you need to kick start you again. If what you are doing is not working then something has to change. Tracking is definately the way to do this. Show your tracker to your leader next week if you are not happy with the results and take it from there. She might be able to offer some alternatives to what you are currently doing. I hope some of this can help. I wouldn't change anything you are doing the exercise aspect of things but making sure you track and track well plus maintaining your water should see a great loss next week. I know it's difficult to give it 100% all the time but doing your best is all that anyone can ever ask. *HUGS* xx

Ashwee said...

Good on you for having such a good week with exercise!! It will will will happen if you just keep trying!

Maybe try a few of these plateau busting ideas!
1) Make sure you eat all your points unless you are saving them for a particular reason

2) Change the exercise you have been doing and push harder than you have been

3) Eat different foods from usual

4) Eat a dinner sized meal at breakfast time, and a breakfast sized meal for dinner.. don't ask me how, but it confuses your body and shocks it off the plateau!

5) Drink loads of water!

But most of all, please remember that your body needs to slow down sometimes! As your body changes, your hormones need to regulate themselves.. This takes time... once it happens, if you are doing all the right things, it should start happening!!

All the best sweety!

Emily said...

Hi CM. All the other girls have great advice! Hope you had a nice weekend.