Thursday, 8 December 2005

Went to gym again

It is almost 11pm and I am starting my post.

OMG my day.

I started work at 7.30 this morning and I haven't stopped until now 11pm ARGHHHHH.

My day has been one thing after another.

But I was inspired by last night with the Liz my personal trainer and then going to the kick boxing that I thought "I have this momentum going I am not going to stop" so I went back to the gym tonight. I thought I couldn't fit it in tonight as I had to take Corbin swimming and then cook dinner and also I had to be at a friends by 7.30pm and I also had to fit in eating in all that. But I decided NOOOOO I was going to make sure I got my exercise in today so I went at 6.30 and got back home at 7.30 and ate dinner and then went to my friends house to do the wedding invitations for our client. So I got there about 8pm.... all sweaty he he he and still in my gym clothes but hey I made it there so there shouldn't have been any complaints he he.

I just feel good for going. There weren't too many people there but I really concentrated on remembering the things Liz taught me yesterday and I went for it. OMG my arms were so sore this morning from last nights gym and they are even worse now from pushing it but I feel fantastic and I am glad that I went. It was also a chance to have some ME time without the kids and hubby and work etc and I could just think about what I was going to do and concentrate on it.

So all in all the exercise has been pretty good this week. The food has been good too. I have been chosing right etc.

I got a compliment this morning. When I went to take Corbin into school I had to go to the school office to take his lunch order in for next weeks pizza lunch for the PTA and I opened the door and the secretary there said "OH MY GOD" in this loud voice.

I looked behind me thinking maybe I had done something to the door or someone was doing something they shouldn't be outside. But she was saying OH MY GOD to me as she hadn't seen me since August.

She said that I have lost so much weight and that I am looking FAB... he he he I went all red and wanted to run out the door as one of the ladies from Corbin's class was there just smiling at me and she can be a little stuck up some times.

But she said that she hasn't seen me for a while and she was stunned and also loved the new hair cut he he he. So that put me on a high for the day as she had seen me when I had first started as we started at Weight Watchers the same time but she gave up after a couple of weeks as she didn't think it was working for her.

So all in all I am feeling quite fab about getting my MOJO back. I thought it would take a lot longer than that.

My weekend is just going to be a nightmare as we have sooooo many things on the go this weekend I think it is going to be another weekend where I am exhausted and need to go to work for a break. I can't wait till Xmas is over and we can just relax and enjoy life again.

I want to also get back into a nice routine with the gym again so that I don't have to think about when I am going... I will just know that I am going on certain days and that is that.

Anyway guys thanks for reading.

Love ya all


Kris said...

Good on you for going to the gym. It is nice to have some you time away from everything. Thats one of the reasons I like going there. I am looking forward to our workout on Sunday I will need to work off my dinner from tonight lol. I am glad you are feeling good again and getting back into the swing of things. It is certainly a good feeling and I should know I went through the same thing. The 120's are getting so close for you and believe me when you get there you will feel like you have achieved something. Keep up the good work.

Kate said...

Great work! You are doing so great - and woohooo for lovely compliments :-) There is nothing nicer than losing weight and seeing someone who stopped - it makes you so glad you never gave up.
Have a lovely weekend, and get some rest woman!

Leighanne said...

Glad to hear things are back on track - Just think of those compliments when you feel like you have had enough:)

fattyboombastic said...

Awwwwww thats so good CM that you are getting back into it and feeling great again :) What a compliment from the staff at your sons school!! Wooo hooo YAY for that! :) Keep up the good work, you'll get there in no time :)

Take care

Emily said...

Wow, I'm impressed! Forget everything I said the other day, lol!!!

How cool about the compliment you got, isn't it lovely to have that nice feeling you get afterwards.

Have a great weekend :-)

Sue said...

Good on you for getting all that gym time in. One thing I love is that you seem to think about things without even trying - solutions to whatever the current problem is just pop into your head while you're on the 2nd set of leg pressing 50kg!

Eternal Sunshine said...

With the xmas run around and all, it is quite easy to kinda of 'lose it' in terms of diet and workout regime. But then again we need to do all these run around for xmas. Thats what the xmas period is all about. Don't punish yourself about that. Enjoy this 'break' and then restart on 2Jan (or maybe 3Jan since 2nd is a public holiday). The world can't destroy a happy man/woman :)

Hang in there!

A Girl Running said...

whoo hoo - go the mojo!

Jodie said...

I'm sooo glad you are finally feeling like your old self again. Well done!! Nothing like those fantastic compliments to aid the cause either!! XX

M said...

Whooo hoooo. Good to see the fighting spirit coming back in. And how cool are getting compliments. And you will be getting many more :D

I hope you have a great Christmas. I know that it brings up sad memories as well as good ones but you have done so well this year and I am sure your Dad would want you to be happy with yourself and he would be so proud of what you have achieved this year. We all are. I am really excited about next year and can't wait to catch up on all the goss then. Be good to yourself and 'talk' to you soon. M xx

P.S. and you may have to change your name from ChubbyMum to CuteMum. That way you are still CM :D