Monday, 19 December 2005

Monday... Monday... Monday


How do I start to tell about my day.

I met Kris at the gym... so glad that she got a space for her son as it isn't the same without her there.

Was supposed to spend the whole hour at our kickboxing class and we went in there and we both like the back because we are bigger than the others and don't really like being in front. Well the class was so packed and I was getting more and more pissed off by the minute because when they came in (LATE I might add) they would come to the back and the room is so small and usually 3 across the room is enough but there was 5 of us (instead of those skinny mini's going to the front) and I was finding it hard to concentrate and my patience was just getting to be too much so that after 35 minutes I was so angry I picked up my things and walked out and did 10 minutes on the bike and then worked on my new program of arms and legs.

OMG it is 4.30 and I am still sore from the gym. The new arm and leg exercises she has me doing is more repetitions but not more in the weight... I felt like I really worked out but I feel like a cold is coming on... or lack of sleep or feeling stressed but my whole body feels like SOOO heavy and I feel moody.

I cannot wait till next year happens... where there is no more xmas and there is not more fear of food.

Been having a heart to heart with hubby and my mum and I am not going to get my bike for Christmas..... seems like everyone is getting one this year and I want to feel like I have worked for it so it is going to be a challenge for me instead. I am going to get a bike when I have lost 40 kilo's.... I have enough exercise at the moment anyway with the gym and walking so I am going to loose the 40 kilos and then I will feel better being on a bike anyway. So even though the mother in law has already brought the bike helmet for me for xmas it will have to wait till I have lost the 40 kilos before I get the bike. So only another 18 kilos to go ARGGHHHHH.

Went out shopping this afternoon with my mum and Quinn (and believe me I would have given him away this afternoon that is for sure) and we are looking at family tents. We have found one that has three rooms and we are thinking about getting this for xmas. I would be great to go out as a family and have family holidays. I love going away together and I didn't get to do the camping thing with my parents when I was younger as they were older parents and so was chatting to hubby on the phone and this will give us a chance to get out and about with the kids and it isn't that expensive either soooo woohooo.... we might go away at the end of January somewhere when other people have gone back to work.

I miss Kris!! I thought I would say.... seems like we aren't as friendly anymore or something is wrong lately. I hope all is ok with us!

Anyway on that note I am going now.

Love Chubbymum


Kris said...

Everything is fine with us it is just the crazy session and you are never home when I ring you lol. You don't need to worry. After Christmas things will get back to normal I promise.

Emily said...

Jonny and I are getting a tent for christmas, and a new airbed (on a base) and gas lantern and table, so exciting! We go camping every year but we only have a pup tent and a torch each, so will be great to have a nice new big tent for when the babies start coming!!

Brelle said...

I have no doubts that you will get to 40kg lost.

It's just a matter of when :O) so keep looking around for a bike you might need one sooner than you think :O)

A Girl Running said...

LOVE the bike challenge idea.

You will have it in no time matey :)