Wednesday, 30 March 2005

Finally a friend close

I went for…. Wait for it…. Wait for it!!! 4.5 kilometres walk today 1 hour and a half OMG I am sooo sore but I am soooo proud of myself as I didn’t think I would make it.

I met a girl at Weight Watchers and she gave me her home number to call her when I would like to go for a walk and she really needed someone to walk with her and so we went for a walk today!

She has lost 25 kilos and gave me some of the clothes she used to wear and is now too big for her. It felt weird as I haven’t had a met a friend like this in so long… someone who is actually in the same subdivision and who likes the same things as me and it felt kind of spooky… I mean the only place in this world I reallllllly wanna see and is my dream place to visit is Venice and that is her favorite place too but she has seen it (the lucky thing) I think I have been missing having my friends around. One friend moved 8 hours away and another lives 2 hours and one the other side of the world he he he so I think I have been missing that… now isn’t that a lot to talk about today.

We talked non stop today and it felt like so comfortable! She even phoned at 6pm to ask if I had told my hubby about some of the things we talked about. Yesterday before going for this walk hubby asked me what she was like this new friend and I said “she, she um I don’t know how to explain her but she is like me”. I told that to her today and she said her hubby and her were talking and she said she was going for a walk with me today and he said what is she like? She said “she is a person that I feel I can talk to and knows what I mean and understands what I have been through and what I am going through” OMG that is weird I reakon.

I know this whole entry is sounding weird but it is hard to find friends… especially when you get older and yes I have friends but they are so far away and BLONDE is a friend but not someone that I can tell things too…. Yes my weird entry he he he.

But anyway I felt soooooo good to do that walk today and I am not too sore tonight anyway he he he he.

Signing off for now… thanks for listening to my ramblings.


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