Tuesday, 22 March 2005


I have been home a couple of hours and I am really happy with my weigh in but I didn't know what I wanted to say on here tonight!!!

Woohooooo I lost 1.6 kilos... altogther 6.8kilos (14.96 lbs) OMG I got my stone from Weight Watchers Woohooooo my 1st stone and I am sooo happy. I am soooo happy because I wasn't going to go to the meeting tonight as I am supposed to get my monthly today or tomorrow and I always gain in that week and I didn't want to go through the pain of gaining ONCE again.
My BLONDE friend was really good today. I wasn't going to go and she said I should go and said that I have been loosing and I know that... I do really thank all of you for keeping me sane. I have lots of people saying that I am loosing it at the right speed and do know you are right but my mind tells me differently sometimes.

I went yesterday and brought a Woman's Day and I can tell you I don't buy it usually and not even a Woman's Weekly or anything like that because I don't usually want to know about all the celebraties and really tired of seeing Lady Di on all the covers still after 5 years but yesterday I got one because one I wanted to see a FAB article on a diary friend of mine. Lyn had an article about her in it and I tell you she looks fantastic. What an inspiration!!! I want to look like that one day. Today I do feel I am on my way. I know I have only lost 6.8 kilos but it is off and I am going to get to the 10 kilos before the 11 April!!! I am going for it!

It was great at the WW meeting tonight. I really enjoyed talking to our two leaders! It was fantastic how they went through the same things as I am going through now. I didn't know them when they were bigger so I can't imagine them big at all and talking to them was fantastic. One of the leaders had a scrapbook with photos of herself when she was bigger and OMG she doesn't look like that anymore her face has changed as well. She kept saying how it isn't just her face that has changed and she even had friends treat her badly when she started loosing the weight. I said to her "then you are better off without her then, because friends are there for the bad and the good parts and if she wasn't willing to be there through this then she was a friend that she needed" and she said that is why she lost all the weight because she knew then that she wasn't keeping the weight on for noone!!! she was going to do it despite her.. Woohoooo I say.

What a rush when you loose weight huh! I hope this isn't going to be a like a drug... as at the moment it feels like it... it feels like it because when I do loose I am on a HIGH and when I don't loose OMG am I a depressed cow or what.

I have missed updating these last couple of days. Bloody Diaryland has been down and it has been a pain in the rear end I can tell you!!! This is the third time since I have started my journal that this has happened and I am getting a little tired.

Anyway I am on a high!!!


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