Monday, 7 March 2005

Red Wedding

What a weekend this has been I feel like I have been run over with a bus he he he.
Yesterday consisted of going to the Bunnings with a trailor and filling up two loads of big building blocks (150 of them to be exact) for our retaining wall in the back yard OMG OMG they were so heavy and my arms are just sooo sore today.
Then went to a friends wedding and it was fantastic she had it at the new (Most expensive)rugby field (that we all pay for in our taxes grrrr) but anyway her wedding was fantastic and low key but really romantic and she wore Red OMG red and I was sooo proud of her because she had been going with her man for 11 years since she was 16 she didn't feel like white was her and was sooo scared to tell anyone but her sister that she was wearing red. She looked fantastic in red and I said to her that she needed to do what was right for her as it was her day.
The bride and groom got up to do their wedding dance and it was to Barry White with his deep sensual voice... and the dance routine was sooo funny that we asked them to do it again later on. It was a really great wedding and I was glad I went... I certainly danced my butt off and even had a couple of guys that came and danced with me he he he when hubby was tired (and he is skinner that me he he he).
So needless to say this morning I am soooo sore!!!!! But lets hope that has lost me some kilos he he he....
Anyway I might write later but for now have to go and dance with the kids!!!! such a nice day.
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