Friday, 25 March 2005

Good Friday

Everytime I have tried to update the diary in the last couple of days it says that there are too many people on that I can't... OMG it is driving me nuts because I want to update and get it out!
I am getting so anxious about meeting everyone that it is not going fast enough for me he he he only 2 weeks to go.

Well I got my hair cut yesterday and OMG 10 people could have had a haircut and colour for the amount that lady charged OMG OMG but then again it makes me feel good and I think it looks good. So much easier to look after... a lot shorter and a lovely browny red colour with highlights... I am quite happy with it... and soooooo much cooler.

I know that I haven't lost a lot of weight but since I have lost 6.8 kilos I have felt like I am a skinny we thang he he he he and feel more energetic. I went out shopping with Mum on Wednesday and brought two new tops but the best thing about buying these tops was that before Xmas they were selling them and they were too tight around the tummy that it didn't fit and felt really bad and I was soooooo upset that I couldn't get in to it. But but but I got there yesterday and thought argghh why not try it on again and OMG OMG they fit.. yes I could loose more for it to be loose but they fit and they didn't feel as uncomfortable... I was chuffed with myself... I could try on more tops than usual and decide which ones I wanted... it felt fantastic. I can just imagine what it is going to be like when I loose way more weight and can fit into other tops... more trendy ones.

Took the boys to their Granddads today (hour and a half drive away) and we were running late and then yep you guessed it we got a flat tyre argghhhhh but finally got there and the boys were so excited to be going camping with Granddad and Nana Pat... they love going with them and the dogs. Plus in a way it is good for Jeremy and I to have some time just for us and to be able to actually sleep in Woohooo sleeping in that is sooo rare for us.

I am a little worried too as there are some really bad drivers out there too and I don't want anything to happen to my little boys... I have a horrible pit in my tummy when they are out on those roads without us. I do trust hubby's dad though and they are both ambulance drivers so hey they are in good hands.

Anyway going to go now and I might (if I can get on) update later on.

Chubby Mum
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