Sunday, 27 March 2005

Easter Sunday

What a day!!!!! Slept in Woohoooooo no one to wake us up. Then at 11am I painted the fence and finished at 4pm and hubby did the retaining wall while I painted the fence OMG soooo sore soo sooo sore. Had my BLONDE friend over helping out and had her over for dinner too. What a great friend!!! Yes sometimes she can be a pain but she gave up her Easter Sunday to come and help.... but yes here I go again... I am also going to complain about BLONDE too...

Well anyway I got my hair cut and coloured on Thursday and she knew because she kept saying.... only 2 days till you get your hair cut and only 1 days till your hair cut and colour.... wellll.

Today she said nothing for an hour about my hair!!! I had it cut short I mean short tucks behind my ears when before I could get it in to a pony tail and gone from blonde (or sandy coloured) to a brown red colour with little highlights and she didn't notice for an hour... or liked it and hated the fact that it looked good.... then when she noticed she said OMG you have coloured your hair and then in the next breath (which hubby kept repeating to me tonight because he couldn't believe she had said it) she said... I am going to buy a colour tomorrow and colour my hair a browny red thought I would have a change... hubby just looked at me and his eyes went up thinking OMG do you hear what you are saying... I know she copies but OMG OMG I just got my hair cut and coloured reddy brown and then she is going to do it as well!!! OMG OMG what is wrong with this picture.

I ate too much chocolate... I am sooo bad I had a medium easter egg and my tummy is feeling sick... I know I shouldn't have but I DID!!! and now regretting it but it was worth it when I ate it as I haven't had any chocolate since January 11th soooooo I am feeling the pain now he he he
It is now 10:15pm and I do have to go and have a nice long soak in the bath!!!! get the paint off my feet. I swear BLONDE put more paint on my feet than on the fence he he he he... but it was realllly nice that she helped and it was really really great that she helped.

Only 2 weeks Only 2 weeks Only 2 weeks till I meet my online buddies... OMG I am soooo looking forward to it but I am getting a little nervous too... OMG only 2 weeks to go woohooo

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