Friday, 4 March 2005

A Novel today he he

OK the only thing with working full time for the next three weeks is that IT SUCKS!!! OMG It is amazing how you see people differently when you work with them more than 20 hours a week. Stressed snappy people he he he that keep telling me it is ok I don't have to fret!!! OMG I feel like I am the only relaxed person around here and if one more person says "Calm down" I will definatly show them what not being calm is about. I was asking the other lady here if I was coming across as stressed... she said she didn't think so as I am always smiling and friendly and she didn't think I was stressed... my boss keeps saying don't stress... OMG I am not stressing.. I must admit I don't like working full time but I am not showing the stress at work.
The other lady here says it is probably because she is getting stressed he he he..
I do feel really unhappy this week. My husband in the last two years keeps saying I am much happier with my life since working only part time. I think I have found my balance in life and not working 40 hours a week is so agreeing with me. I don't think that I want to go back to permanently working full time.
I am sooo proud of myself this week for loosing. I honestly was stressing out in the weekend and on Monday and Tuesday before weigh in thinking that I was going to gain as I managed to have 3 of those Weight Watcher Icecreams with chocolate on the outside... but kept within the points but though OMG it will catch up with me he he he.
It was sooo cool getting my book mark with the star on it. OMG before I got one I always used to think what is everyone getting so ecstatic about it is only a bloody piece of thick paper hehehe but it is so much more than that it is like a big achievement.
We had to leave early from the meeting and I just couldn't wait any longer so when the WW leader got us to get in groups I went up to her and said can I take the bookmark now as I have to go and then she stopped the groups and said in front of everyone that I was getting my first book mark OMG OMG was I ever embarrased and I was standing at that OMG I wish that I would have waited till next week and went and got it then before the meeting he he he..
It is getting a little easier now.. I got past my 3 week problem area where I start diets and the 3rd week is a nightmare for me. I have been on it now 7 weeks and ok I have lost every week but still we can't all be perfect. At least it is coming off that is the main thing. 5.3 kilo's is what I have lost so far....11.66 pounds and that is fantastic... but for me to get my bicyle I have to loose another 48.4 kilos OUCH and in pounds is 106.48 OMG OMG when I look at that I just cringe. But until I get to that mark I am not getting on a bike. I want to be 100 kilos when I get my bike so it is an incentive to get there. But if I am loosing at the rate I am now it will be about 23 May 2006 OHHH that is such a long time away.
If any one has lost the amount or is trying to loose the amount that I am loosing I want to hear from you please... how do you do it!!!?? How did you cope with the amount you have to loose and did you keep going? I know it is a life change but the slowness of it is driving me insane. I know I have only been on for 7 weeks but I was expecting a kilo a week not 750grams and it just seems like forever to get down to even 100 kilos which by the way is still WAY OVERWEIGHT. Yes I do know it is my fault that I got this far anyway... I think I just want people to notice and for it to affect my self esteem so that I will loose more and quickly. I mean I am doing 2 to 3 hours of exercise a week and really sweating with it and 700grams average a week is just so slow.
I have been really slack this week in updating my diary and also with emails that have been sent and I want to say SORRYYYYY to those that have sent emails and I haven't gotten back to you. Tonight (cross fingers) I don't have anything planned after my hour of kickboxing and once all the family is settled tonight I will be online and trying to reply. I do appreciate the emails but with working full time and everything else I haven't had time... but KEEP sending them I LOVE emails..
Anyway I might come on later and update even more he he he
Chubby Mum.
IT Continues......
I just want to chat!!!
I want to have a support group that chats all the time.. I know others have lives... but I want to chat!!!! ARGHHHHH feeling quite bored today!! I want to meet people and talk about things and feel soooo lost this afternoon.
Wow just realised that I am a lonely sad person! I miss friends... true friends that listen and that I can listen to them too. Ones that are always there... anyway I am going now before I get worse GEESH me.
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