Monday, 14 March 2005

Hectic, hectic, hectic week

Well what a week. I think I am just struggling with working full time and THANK GOD that this week is the last out of the three weeks Woohoooo. Hey mkia thanks for your message!!! YEP still alive and I have been neglecting my diary because I get home and feel so tired.
Weekend here has just been so full on. Yesterday went and brought some new sneakers (some call it runners or joggers) Wow they set me back a few penny aargghhhh, but went for a walk up the hill with the boys last night and YIPPPEE what a difference.
I have flat feet so walking usually really hurts my feet like for days later, but after walking in the new shoes I felt sooo good and also it make me work my calve muscles more instead of the bottom of my feet. Also did the grocery shopping for the fortnight and that was like an hour and a half (I hate shopping for food soooo much).
After all that we went down to the big park where they were having a fun walk for cancer. This is where they get teams and those teams walk for 24 hours on shifts. My hubby’s Dad and step mum were in it with the St John Ambulance so we were there about an hour or so with the kids and did a couple of rounds around the running track it was fantastic and there were so many people there all dressed up and lots with flashing lights on them so they can be seen in the dark.
Today we were going through our bedroom and sorting things out and I cut the boys hair even hubby’s and then went out to get wrapping paper for a birthday party that the boys were going to… yay we left them there for 2 hours while we had some time to ourselves Wohooo. Then after that was finished we mowed the lawns and dug out a little trench strip for the retaining wall we are constructing in the back yard. So the weekend was full on and not really sitting still. OOPs forgot we also went out to get some gold fish.
It doesn’t seem a lot when reading it but it feels like a lot when doing it he he.
Really quite nervous about the weigh in on Tuesday as my monthly is due this week and I had a gain last week. I want to get to 10 kilos before 11 April and I don't think it is going to happen how hum. I am still loosing but I don't think I have been putting my heart into the food and making sure that I am tracking as much in the last week. I am still not choosing bad things and I am doing my exercise as normal but not going all out like I did when I started.
My BLONDE friend was off last week for a couple of days and she said that her tummy was playing up. I said to her that her symptoms of burping a lot and having a sharp pain in her tummy were consistant of an ulcer. I think I would know I have had one since I was 15 ARGGGHHH and it is something I wouldn't want my dog to go through. So she said she didn't think so and went to the doctor and waited 2 days for results and low and behold she has an ulcer... I wouldn't have liked to have gone through those days with her because an ulcer is just the worst thing you could have. So she hasn't been eating much at all so I can guess she has lost way more than me... you know that is the only thing I am worried about and I know that sounds like a bitch and I am not really a bitch but if you can imagine this....
Her 154 pounds and me 327 pounds... she has lost the same amount as me... I just hate it... I have been trying my hardest and she has been pigging out in the weekends and drinking and we have lost the same amount.. now after this week I can imagine the gap is going to get bigger where she has lost more than me. Yep it does sound like I am a bitch... I am not really just get pissed when she is soooo skinny as it is that I have so much to loose that she is still losing it faster or that she is loosing at the same rate just pisses me off.
Well I have booked myself in for the 24th of March to get my hair coloured and cut to make me feel great about the fact that I have lost this weight and hopefully before that I would have lost more. I was looking in the mirror yesterday and was trying to find out what was different about my face. I know that I feel that I have lost weight on my face and thought that my cheek bones were more prominant... I feel now that I am seeing my eyes more now (at the bottom) under my eyes. Like my eyes are bigger now or something. It made me feel really good today when I was looking.
Anyway I think I better get offline now and I will try my hardest to get on more this week.

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